Picture of Custom digital clock from wood and Jeep VIC
    I was trolling through the junkyard in the usual Jeep section awhile back and I came across the Grand Cherokees. I saw that almost everyone of them still had the vehicle information center display still in them. I seen online that these displays show the time and date among other things like issues with the vehicle and a top image of the jeep showing whats wrong. That's when it hit me; I'm going to make a clock for my room out of that!

There are two videos of the complete project below.

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Step 1: Tools and parts

Picture of Tools and parts
        -- Jig saw 
        -- Power sander
        -- Wood glue 
        -- Hacksaw blade
        -- Wood 
        -- Soldering iron and solder

        -- Jeep VIC (vehicle info center) 93-97 Jeep grand cherokees ( $6 at junkyard)
        -- Wood for case. I used poplar wood from Lowes
        -- Wood stain and sealer
        -- Paint brushes
        -- switch (radioshack) $4
        -- power supply (scrap from work)
        -- any extra parts or pieces you come up with along the way
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azudai9629 days ago

this is great!! i own a 99 wj grand cherokee (with nore problems than a lada ;_;) and wanted to do something like this. ill take some tips and make one for sure! thanks man for the inspiration

florlayamp (author)  azudai9623 days ago

For sure man, be sure to show us what you make!

94zj3188 months ago

I would like one depending on how much you would want for one. If it'd save you money, I could try and pull a VIC from a Jeep at the pick 'n' pull... the VIC's were only good for time and date anyways.

florlayamp (author)  94zj3188 months ago

I'd love to build you one, I'm in the process of relocating for a new job so it would be awhile before I can start on it. The parts aren't expensive and I do have an extra VIC so that's ok, This one took a week on and off to build so I'm not sure what a value on the overall thing would be at the moment.

mos68x1 year ago
That is a very nice colored stain! I used it when I built my bed and the light in your photos unfortunately doesn't do it justice. It is a very beautiful stain and best photo'd in the sun lol
florlayamp (author)  mos68x1 year ago
Thanks, you're too right about the lighting on it. pictures, especially inside don't do it justice!
If you want it bad enough, you could build a separate alarm clock into it with an Arduino. That would allow for a lot of options for your configuration and button interface. It might even be possible to rework the circuit a little so that the buttons on the VIC go to the Arduino instead, which would detect their being pressed and then send the necessary info to the VIC to set the time. Then you could program the Arduino to also use the buttons with a sort-of macro (multiple buttons pressed at the same time) to set the alarm. Like you hold one button and press the other to set it. Though it looks like that's how you set the time. In that case you'd just need to add a small macro button on the back instead.
florlayamp (author)  Ceiling cat1 year ago
That'd be awesome, It sounds like you got the whole idea down for this.
Haha. Thanks. I'm just going off of what I've seen other people do in their projects on here. I've never used an Arduino, and I know almost nothing about coding. But I know it can be done. I'm just not the one to do it. lol
I forgot to mention:
The Arduino would have a speaker, or a piezo, or something attached to it for the alarm, and you'd have a alarm function programmed in.
I really love this idea though! Great job! I totally want to make one now, but we still use both our Grand Cherokees. Haha!
florlayamp (author)  Ceiling cat1 year ago
You're a Jeep family too? nice nice We have two XJ's and a CJ
Oh, gosh, yeah. We still have our '94 Grand Cherokee Laredo which my younger brother now drives. We also have another one that is currently sitting. It just needs a pretty simple repair, but we just don't really need it at at the moment. Then my mother drives an '03 or '06 Liberty, and my dad drives an '06 Commander. They're great, and I guess I'd say my family stands by them.
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florlayamp (author)  Grunambulax1 year ago
There is a 1 and 2 connector VIC, I think you have the two connector VIC. I found a diagram on google that should help you. Pin #33 needs 12V+ to also power up
I was able to use telephone butt connectors shortened and then crimped to the connections in back and then hot glued into place.
photo 4.JPGphoto 3.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 1.JPG
florlayamp (author)  Grunambulax1 year ago
Those work great by the looks of it, and that's a good way to work around not having a harness.
This is brilliant! Thanks so much. I searched fruitlessly. I have not found a harness but I think I found a work around. I got what are essentially the little sleeves that fit into the harness. I plan to clip three off and attach them to # 1,2, and 33 and I hope, Voila!. I'll be sure to send you a picture of the completed project.
florlayamp (author)  Grunambulax1 year ago
Thanks, I'd love to see a pic when its done. Also, I'm not sure is pin #7 needs ground either, and you can put pin #33 on a switch like I did to turn the display on and off
I wired it with the three wires to 1,2,33 and it powers up. I did not leave it on long enough for the emergency messages to stop but I watched your video and expect they will. I am able to work around the wiring harness but just barely. the pins are small enough that they don't really fill my pin connectors so I might either have to try to make the connector tighter (maybe put a piece of wire into it to reduce the diameter or directly solder to the pin. I hope to work on this in early October, so I will keep you informed. By the way, the cheapest offer I got from a junkyard for the harness so far was $25. Ouch. The VIC itself cost 21.99 with 10.99 shipping. If I'm lucky I'll come across one in a local junkyard.
florlayamp (author)  Grunambulax1 year ago
Hey that's great. It takes about 2 minutes for the error messages to go away on mine. I have two of the same ones. They both do that. When it comes to going to the junkyard to get a harness, Just snip it off with some wire cutters and off you go. Its stupid to charge you for something they don't know what it is other than some wires. It has no value to anyone but the person that wants it. Is that price you said from ebay or something? It's pricey on there. I look forward to see what you do with it.
florlayamp (author)  florlayamp1 year ago
The best place to get a harness is the junkyard, It shouldn't be hard to find one
jeepsg20121 year ago
So how do you wire it to show the 4wd? :)
florlayamp (author)  jeepsg20121 year ago
Well, It will say "full time", "part time", or "LO" when its in 4wd mode and the front tires on the diagram light up. To make the "full time" words come on you need the GY/OR wire together with the BK/TN wire, and both of those connected to ground. That should make that come on. If its wrong it'll just throw a 4wd error message. Let me get back with you on the other words. The wiring is tricky. haha
midnite171 year ago
I wish it was $6. I went and had to pay $32 at the junk yard. Found it in the last Jeep they had.
florlayamp (author)  midnite171 year ago
Ouch! That's quite a bit but still cheaper than the only guy on Ebay is selling them for
midnite171 year ago
Instead of giving the side trim pieces a rounded angle, you could cut both ends of all trim pieces to a 45* angle, but cut the side trim pieces in such a way that they slide behind the top and bottom trim. That way it reduces the gaps you can see in pic #3. It would also be easier to use wood putty, because it would be a smaller area to be filled.
florlayamp (author)  midnite171 year ago
I see what you're saying. That's a good way to do the trim pieces
Kasm2791 year ago
Nice, VFDs!
ibwebb1 year ago
Very impressive. I have thought about doing this with an old radio I have I took out of one of my cars I had in the past (honestly cannot remember which one I took it out of or why I saved it. lol). Anyway, do you know of a way to hook up an alarm to it so that it can be an alarm clock? I have thought it over several time, but just cannot seen to come up with a way that would really work.
florlayamp (author)  ibwebb1 year ago
I've been trying to think of a way to add an alarm to it also, I don't know of any automotive parts that have a time related alarm on it. I considered scrapping an alarm clock and adding its parts to this one but I would have technically two clocks in the one case.
maniacse1 year ago
I'm thinking about something like this 3 or 4 years, but I have a whole panel from my old BMW E30 with clock instead of RPM meter.. But Im still thinking about battery supply (I have to measure power consumption first). So, great idea, and thanks for reminding me my old thoughts.. :)
florlayamp (author)  maniacse1 year ago
I know exactly what BMW panel you are talking about. I've seen them in the junkyard. That would look great sitting on display on desk or something.
psargaco1 year ago
Brilliant, it looks really good. If it had a radio alarm, then it would be perfect.
florlayamp (author)  psargaco1 year ago
I was thinking the same thing. I need to find a vehicle that has an alarm type thing built into its clock.
markpa1 year ago
very smart.and nice..... look and the t.i.d from gm opel ...
florlayamp (author)  markpa1 year ago
That looks like a nice display also. I like that fact that it goes to an Opel.
Jakob28031 year ago
It's trawling not trolling.
l19bal1 year ago
that looks absolutely beautiful! will definitely do this when i have time
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