Step 3: Draw on design

Use a Sharpie to draw on your design. Remember that whatever you make needs to be the opposite or backwards of what your finished design will be. If you do any letters the need to be reversed.

Using the hack saw or Dremel cut out the rough shape without touching your design.
<p>Very cool tutorial! Thanks for posting.</p>
Awesome! Do you know approximately how hot the branding iron gets? I'm wondering if I could do the same thing only with a cheap $5 soldering iron! :D
If I remember correctly the box said 600 fahrenheit. But I bought it like 3 or 4 years ago so don't remember exactly. If you click on the link it will take you to the manufacturers website. I tried a regular soldering iron years ago and just got frustrated. But if you have any success let me know. Post a pic<br>
<p>i sort of did but using a soldering iron in a different way i have an instructable of it</p>
<p>How much for a custom one?</p>
<p>How much for a custom one?</p>
<p>This is my first comment here as I just signed to the site. Thanks for your instructions! I am really needing to make a brand stamp to my woodcraftings and I was not having this idea. =D sometimes the solutions are under our nose! Cheers!</p>
Did you use the same process to make your nail-head punch? It looks great
very nice project, I like a few of the suggestions but overall well done
The real difficulty is to find the thread with the right step. <br>Sorry I have translated from Italian by Google. <br>
You are correct though. The threading may not necessarily be the same number of threads per inch, which is why hardware lists that along with the diameter and length
Excellent!! I've wanted a brand for my logo for years, but they're SO expensive. I have all the tools to make this. Being a carver, I'm slapping my forehead. Thanks for this!!
Cool! Yeah I was surprised I didn't think of sooner too! I've had the tool and been using it quite regularly for 3 or 4 years. I even made one out of a nail like 2 years ago that I've been using and still I didn't think of it till recently.
I guess it would still be pretty cheap and way more accurate to get your end tip milled on CNC or laser cut. At least that's what I'm thinking of doing, since this gave some food for thoughts. <br>Currently using a hand cut rubber stamp for my branded tags, but burned in sure sounds better!
I'm sure it would be more accurate. Perfect. I'm in south america though... <br>But there is a certain sense of satisfaction carving it yourself. Took about 45min. If your doing a lot of text definitely get it made!
The best way to protect the threads of the disk from the is is to screw a nut onto it and clamp the nut in the vice jaws.
That's a great idea.<br>I just went with what I had on hand. Was to lazy to go to a hardware store to find the right nut. <br>
Nice! What diameter is the transfer point? What is the thread on the end? Having done something similar here is a good way to hold short threads in a vice without damaging them: Get a nut with the same thread. Split it. Screw the thread you want held into the nut and then hold the nut in your vice and tighten.
Whoops! I did not see the other replies before I posted my comment. Obviously great minds think alike :-)
Great job. I used a 3 nuts on the threaded end to keep it in place in the vise, instead of the leather. I found the leather wasn't sturdy enough for my design.
Cool! Post a pic, I'd love to see your design <br>
nice job I'm surely gonna try this out.
Very nice! I like it a lot. :)
Cool idea!
Very clever idea, nice design.

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