Everyone loves chocolates. This instructable will guide you through making customised latex chocolate moulds followed by making the chocolates with a variety of flavours and colours.

Step 1: Introduction and Inspiration.

This project was extremely fun and stressful, I had never used latex or made chocolates before and this project provided a lot of knowledge. I hope I have included as much of it in this instructable. One of the first lessons learnt is; you need plenty of time (1 week atleast) when creating the latex moulds and a good solid few hours to create the chocolates. I didn't provide myself either of these and hence this project was very rushed, however, the recipient was still quite impressed with them.

Chocolates are great gifts but they do get quite boring, hence the need to create your own. Whilst countless chocolate moulds are available, it is a lot more fun and impressive creating individualised moulds.

Now why the Freddo Frog?
Simply because the planned recipient of these chocolates is a huge fan of them. They also work well as chocolate (they are already chocolate), come in two different sizes, and are fairly boring as they are. Also, I like the idea of managing to copy a design (quite accurately) with minimum time and cost.

A few points to note while reading this instructable are; I am located in Perth, Western Australia. Hence, any store references are all Australian based. Also, all prices are in Australian dollars.

Hey. Thanks for the instructable.<br>The &quot;Casting Object is usually called the &quot;master&quot; or master form.
i'd use Merckens wafers for color, it's probably cheaper than the powder, and not as messy. they come in tons of colors<br /> http://www.shopbakersnook.com/67.html<br />
This is really cool. I would love to have your iBle in the <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/group/sweettreats/">Sweet Treat</a> group. Would you like to add it? That would be great! <br/>
okay, done.
For those non-Australians, 100s and 1000s are little multi-colored candies, similar to sprinkles.
I <3 100s and 1000s and sprinkles, I was probably being thick when I thought they'd be called something different outside the UK :P
i noticed you got some filling,how do you fill the candies?
Refer to Step 5, last two pictures. Basically you paint a layer of chocolate and let that set. Then scoop a small amount of cream filling. Finally, fill the rest of the mould with more chocolate making sure to cover the filling.
Wow- this is really cool! Well-documented, too. I can't wait to try it. Thanks!
Looks awesome! I'm looking forward to trying latex molds soon. Thanks!

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