Introduction: Custom Made Bike Hanger

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My 1st custom made bike hanger.
My first attempt was a Bike Working Stand - Bangladesh (

Step 1: List of Materials

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For main structure:
  1. A 3/4 Steel or iron stick.
  2. Local steel painting color (Black).
  3. 1/2 damaged tube.
  4. 5/6 zip lockers.
For helping:
  1. Dremel
  2. Welding tool (I prefer to do this welding in your nearest workshop.)
  3. Brush for coloring.
  4. Knife

Step 2: Create the Main Frame

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Take a 3/4" steel rod of 2'6".
Cut it in three pieces 12" , 12" & 6" sticks. I used Dremel.
Bend 5" of every 12" sticks.
Make 'Y' shape with these three sticks like the picture by welding.
Now take another thin rod to make the support for the Y structured frame.

N.B.: I have done this step from my nearest steel workshop. I should not buy a welding tool for this little easy work. Thanks Touhid Islam Oni bro for helping me do this.

Step 3: Preparing Other Stuffs

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Take a damaged bicycle tube.
Slice it like the picture.

Step 4: Gripping

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Now start wrapping with the tube strips and use zip locker at the end point.

Step 5: How to Use Them

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