Hello Everybody

How are you?

My name is Mounir.

I love origami, and I always make gift boxes to my friends and family members.

It's easy to make, but cost much for the content. just kidding :)

Sometimes I want something special, no one did ever see it.

I had made custom gift boxes, and today, I will show you how to make a special gift box.

My idea is to make an ordinary Origami heart box but with custom pattern and put a picture or the name of whoever will receive the gift, no stickers no pen or pencil drawing or writing. Just with one sheet of paper and a printer (Color or black), it does not matter.

Today project has no pattern, just a picture (instructables logo) and words.

Step 1: Tools

  • Sheet of paper (A4 size).
  • Pencil
  • Pair of scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue (hot glue gun or any paper glue).
  • Pc with MS office word.
  • Printer (color or black)
Its though nice but you have lots of printing to do.
<p>Nice Job Dude.....</p>
<p>Nice Job Dude.....</p>
<p>Oh how I want to make one of these! Nice job. Have a beautiful day.</p><p>sunshine~</p>
<p>Great job showing all the steps! Your design is ingenious, and the shot of your different gift boxes in step 21 looks fantastic. :)</p>
<p>absolutely fantastic! and your photo documentation is incredible! thanks so much for sharing this cool Instructable :)</p>
<p>AWESOME job brother, keep up =D</p>

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