Step 10: Test It in the Fit.

Now it's time to test the fit. Try wedging the mounting tabs into the gaps in the molding at the spot you chose on the dash. You may need to make some minor tweaks to the bends or trim off some metal to make the adapter fit perfectly.
I attached a phone cover with VELCRO having pressure sensitive tape on its back, then slip my phone into the holder when I drive. The VELCRO tape is available in any hardware store and can be cut with sissors to the size needed to fix the phone cover to a convenient place on the dashboard. I plan to remove the cover when I sell this car and attach it to my next car.
So you basically just jammed the metal into the gap between two interior parts? How is it holding up? I would expect it to work loose over time, unless perhaps you made a short, tight bend at the end to hook it over the back of the one of the trim pieces you pushed it between. I'm prepared to be instructed, though, as I need something similar.<br><br>A ready source for sheet metal to use on projects, is cases of various dead/outdated electronics. Fairly heavy gauge steel can be gotten from old PC cases, while lighter gauge stock comes from the tops of dead DVDs &amp; VCRs.
Nice<br> <br> L<br>
Nicely done. I have a handy nook already for my iPhone in my Tacoma, but there are some good ideas here. Thanks!

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