Step 11: Paint (Optional)

If you don't like the shiny metal look, you may want to choose some paint to match your phone holder or dash color. I had some flat black spray paint around, so I used that.

Note: You may want to paint the adapter after you have the suction cup in place and use a glossy paint rather than flat. I found that the suction cup did not want to seal over the mat paint. I also found the paint can crack or chip when you are bending the triangular tabs into place.

You will see in a later step that I had to add some adhesive to get a good seal and touch up the chipped paint in some areas.
I attached a phone cover with VELCRO having pressure sensitive tape on its back, then slip my phone into the holder when I drive. The VELCRO tape is available in any hardware store and can be cut with sissors to the size needed to fix the phone cover to a convenient place on the dashboard. I plan to remove the cover when I sell this car and attach it to my next car.
So you basically just jammed the metal into the gap between two interior parts? How is it holding up? I would expect it to work loose over time, unless perhaps you made a short, tight bend at the end to hook it over the back of the one of the trim pieces you pushed it between. I'm prepared to be instructed, though, as I need something similar.<br><br>A ready source for sheet metal to use on projects, is cases of various dead/outdated electronics. Fairly heavy gauge steel can be gotten from old PC cases, while lighter gauge stock comes from the tops of dead DVDs &amp; VCRs.
Nice<br> <br> L<br>
Nicely done. I have a handy nook already for my iPhone in my Tacoma, but there are some good ideas here. Thanks!

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