Step 4: Milling your record

Picture of Milling your record
If you're lucky enough to have a mill that can create the whole disc in one go use the file ending "...(Full).nc". This mills the whole disc in one go. Unfortunely my mill can only do about 8cm x 16cm, so I also split the gcode in two. The file "...(Part 1 of 2).nc" and "...(Part 2 of 2).nc" are for those of us will smaller mills! You need to mill the first, rotate the workpiece 180 degrees and mill the second.

An hour or two later, you will end up with a finished physical disc that you can pop on your record player and see how it sounds. Here's how mine turned out:

and I've also managed the Star Wars theme

and if you want to see the process in action, here's a thankfully short clip of it being milled

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elmorse2 years ago
This is absolutely fantastic. Do you take orders? :)
timarnold2 years ago
That is awesome! I had one of these as a kid and loved it. The custom discs are amazing!
azamir2 years ago
This is absolutely fabulous! It was a wonderful toy as a child (and I remember exploring it until I figured out ecaxtly the way it works) - and your customization is a great hit. Way to go!
Tart20002 years ago
This is ace!
I've got the same record player and that makes me want to make a record for it!
And also, I've always thought you could engrave your own vinyl records on a laser cutter in the same way...
What do you think?
fred27 (author)  Tart20002 years ago
Thanks for your comments. Get a decent tune out of the attached software and I'll mill you a disc.

I've never used a laser cutter but was under the impression they cut all the way through the material. The disc has grooves that are 1mm wide and about 1.2mm deep. If you can cut that on a laser cutter then it can be done. Maybe you could use a layer of material the laser can cut through on top of a layer that it can't?
Tart2000 fred272 years ago
Cool, maybe I'll try and make a tune then...
And laser cutters can engrave (so not all the way through). You can even engrave a picture in greyscale. So I was thinking you could translate the tune in a greyscale image and then engrave it onto a disc... But that was more for a real old-school vinyl player than for the toy...
LancasterPA2 years ago
SOOO Cool!
robopanda2 years ago
Ooo I bet you could laser cut this too! Just do a couple of passes to make the etchings really deep. Hmm, now I gotta go find one of those players.
Awesome idea!