Introduction: Custom Signature Series Drumsticks

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One step closer to being a rockstar!

Step 1: Pick Wood/trace Outline

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Pick wood type. I used red oak for strength and durability while still being fairly light in weight. Trace existing drumstick or measure out the length of stick you want. Thicker at the top will give you a harder hit without having a heavier stick.

Step 2: Cut

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Roughly cut out your stencil. Use whatever will get the job done.

Step 3: Whittle

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Whittle down the square edges and shape the top. Make sure you keep everything straight. Use an existing stick as a reference.

Step 4: Sand

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Sand down the stick remove splinters! Gives the stick a smooth finish for our final product

Step 5: Burn

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Using a wood burner, I got for ten bucks, burn your own name into the stick, create designs, whatever you want. Viola, your very own signature drum stick!


craftclarity (author)2014-01-06

Way cool! I always wanted my own signature drumsticks.

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