Step 13: Go Wheelin'!!!


In Moab, this bumper saw its first real action and performed beautifully.  The excellent approach angle allowed me to tackle many obstacles without touching the front bumper at all.

On a more recent run to Bald Mountain, I subjected the bumper to some pretty hard-core action -- the kind of extreme challenges for which I designed this bumper.  A friend posted video on YouTube of my rock-crawling stunts on Beer Rock and V-Rock, which is posted on the first page of this Instructable.

<p>loved this article! I just bought a 2006 nissan frontier and it is bone stock. I am planning on building a front bumper, rear bumper, and bed cage for it soon and this helped give me some great ideas. I do not have access to a water jet but am going to school now for industrial design/ machining and have access to solidworks and a cnc plasma table. Will definitely look forward to referencing this &quot;how to&quot; for help when i am ready. Thanks!! </p>
CNC plasma will work great! I'd love to see what you build! - whether you share it publicly on here or send me some pics via PM. Have fun and best of luck in your endeavors!<br><br>PS - I STILL need to do a rear bumper :'( You should see what my stock one looks like after the Rubicon trail ?
<p>Made by Boztec</p>
Correct, I designed this with the owner of Boztec in 2012 and he did the fabrication
<p>I have advice, an instructable is when you explain how you built it, how you designed it.. how you welded it together,, not why you needed it,,, it cool and all, but, I realy wish people would make instructables,,, explaining how to do something,,, thats what this site is all about........</p>
Looking for the exact project deets, for the bumper pictured here. Any advice?
Wow, well done. Please share dfx. files
I would like the measurements for an off road front bumper for my 1971 ford f250 highboy. One that can fit a winch . my email is justinhorn89@gmail.com would like pics of the bumper with the measurements. Thank you much
very nice, please share your dfx. files
Me gusta, chica. I have wanted to do the same to my truck for a while now, I think I'll start in the morning. Can't wait to see the rear.
I might be designing a front bumper for a Ford F350 this summer. Will post an addendum to this 'ible if I do.
<p>Did you design that F350 Bumper? If so, what year?</p>
<p>Great work! I want something similar for my Frontera, but in my country it is not legal to use &quot;homemade&quot; parts on car, everything have to have certificate. What a shame. If You know, what are You doing, it can be better and more safe than aftermarket parts with certification.. Thanks for sharing!</p>
This is great! Would you share the dxf files? I would live to make one for my fj!
Great design. Very well designed and executed! Looks better then the ones I've seen on the market.
Bumper, that is, the rear bumper. <br>
Ha! - nice one.
Wow, excellent design and execution! Kind of makes me want to go buy a off road vehicle just so I can build a bumper. Thanks for posting.
Thanks! Next on the list is a rear bumper. I kinda messed up the stock rear bumper in Moab... oops!
Thanks, blkhawk! I submitted it for the Metal Challenge contest--or rather, attempted to--but after encountering an issue with the website entry submission process, it didn't post my entry until 12:00am last night--about 10 seconds after the cutoff. I'm petitioning to have it allowed into the contest! :)
This is a cool project!

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