Step 3: NO HEAD UNIT !!!

Since i now knew it could work the next step was to "Make It Work"

I got my calipers out and started measuring all my bits and pieces, translated that info in to Solidworks and came up with the most condensed box i could that would fit all that junk.

I outputed the 3-d file to a dimension printer and ended up with nice little Not-A-Head-Unit.

I got ahold of some vintage knobs that matched the on off switch and adapted them with another 3d printed part to the line level controllers, i finished the face of the Not-A-Head-Unit with a piece of black acrylic that matched some other high gloss black surfaces in the car. Then mounted the entire assembly under the dash with the ipod connector running up to the parcel shelf above.
beautiful, i love the car.
Careful, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter might steal your car cause they missed the train to Hogwarts. lol
not a chance... they drive a ford anglia
OMG... this is most adorable car I've never-ever seen before in my life!!! <br> <br>Congrats on winning the Car Audio Challenge, but you already OWNED the grand prize of CUTENESS!
good job, it's pleasant to see thats 45 years old french car with modern technology inside. <br> <br>cheers <br>
Thank you .
Does the iPod just rest on the parcel shelf, or did you make a mount for it using the adaptor?
i'm embarassed to say that i bought an off the shelf ipod cradle, i wanted something that would hold the ipod in view and at ready access while in use but i didn't want to build anything permanent that would alter the car. it was 12 bucks at radio shack. <br> <br>it came with sucition cup so i mounted it to a piece of black acrylic cut to the same footprint as the parcel shelf. With the overall size of the car i could have probably mountd it to the rear window and it would still be easy to reach.
That is a really cool car. defiantly like the steering wheel.<br>what might help your power issue is a second battery.....
Thanks, the car is just wacky and a lot of fun... 2 cylinder, 50mpg and a crazy soft horizontal suspension.<br><br>I thought about a second battery but so far it's been OK.<br><br>
wow, 2 cylinder? lol thats sweet....Where did you find something like that?
this one found me through some friends who knew i'd be interested. i bought it in Virginia but it came over from france in 2008. this model was actually sold in the U.S. for a couple years.
really? well its a very cool car, and looks like loads of fun :)
You should look up it's predecessor, the Citroen 2CV on which the Ami is based... :)
Ami 6 is one of the coolest car ever! Very good instructable.
thanks for the complimnents on the instructable and the car!!!

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