Custom Zombie Dentures With Non-SFX Materials





Introduction: Custom Zombie Dentures With Non-SFX Materials

In this tutorial I will explain how I created my very own "out of mouth" dentures for use with zombie make-ups 

I do not have pictures of every step so forgive me if some things are a little confusing or left out.

Things you will need:

x2 cheap halloween teeth [I got mine from wal-mart for 3 dollars each] 1 for top teeth 1 for bottom teeth
x1 soda bottle [was just laying around my desk]
x1 set of regular acrylic finger nails [wal-mart 3 dollars]
x1 tube of Loctite Repair putty [doesnt have to be loctite brand it was just what they had at wal-mart and worked perfectly]
x1 hot glue gun and glue sticks
Acrylic paints I used Pink, Browns, Black, Grey, Red, yellow, etc
An handheld dremel helps but sand paper will work just fine
And a lot of patience...

And here is a link of the final product in action

Step 1: Creating the Base for Your Teeth and Outer Gums

Take your 2 halloween dentures and carefully break off the existing teeth (or just grind them all the way off using your dremel) 

get it to a rough surface but dont grind into the "gums" too much just make it rough for a good grip for the putty to stick to then I followed the instructions on the pack and molded them to both the top and bottom sets of my teeth

I bought some loctite repair putty the kind that you mix up and it sets in about 5 minutes and made too little worms of putty and stuck the worms to the sanded area where the teeth on the dentures used to be. this is to create a strong area to hold the peice that will go over your lips and to create a space for your lips to rest behind the outer gums

then cut off the top of your soda bottle and throw away the bottom peice all you will need is the top part that curves around.
its a little hard to explain but you need to cut the bottle into a shape that you want to go over your lips and make sure its a natural shape to the curves of your mouth like in the picture

once you have those shapes cut out I put about 3 or 4 little holes on the inner edges of the plastic peices and then made matching holes in the now dry repair putty on the dentures this is to help keep them secure when you glue them on.

I used hot glue because I was able to glue the plastic peices on while wearing the dentures to ensure a comfortable fit around my mouth area.


Put glue on the putty first BE CAREFUL if your doing this with them in your mouth dont be dumb and burn your lips

quickly stick the plastic peice on the repair putty where you want it and match the holes up try and make sure some of the glue gets in the holes on the plastic to ensure a secure hold. 

once all this is finished and done properly you should have something like the picture

Step 2: Adding the Teeth

Once you have successfully created the basis of your dentures get your acrylic nails that you bought and shape them into teeth like shapes I used my dremel for this but you can use scissors sand paper, etc 

try and rough them up a bit with your dremel or sandpaper to help them take acrylic paints I even went as far as to carefully slice some pretty deep lines in them with an xacto knife.

Carefully glue the teeth in place where you want them I put mine flush with the plastic underneath so when you bite down your not accidentally breaking the teeth off or something you dont want them to be actually touching too much when you bite down.

after they were all glued down I added some depth with hot glue to create a sort of receding gum area.


Now the fun part!

Step 3: Painting

I used simple acrylic paints that you can get at any wal-mart or hobby store. 

I started with a coat of pink just to get the idea of the gum area 

Then I added various watered down layers of yellow, brown, red and black. 

then went in with a small brush and added details and grime in the cracks of the teeth

And I painted anything else just a super dark brown color you dont want anything standing out besides the teeth really since thats the point of the gag really...

after the paintjob was done i added a small layer of super glue in certain areas to add some shine to it as leftover saliva leaking out of the teeth or something....

And wala extra cheap out of mouth zombie dentures.

The rest of the make-up is up to you!
you can make a latex appliance to put over it or even just do the old tissue paper and latex method to create some on the fly chewed off lips etc

Step 4: My End Result

Here are just a bunch of photos of the teeth in full action when I went to my local zombie prom

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Made a new pair of dentures this year and some new prosthetics. Participated in a Zombie infested 5k and definetly freaked some people out :) it was a hit!


Very convincing! Terrifying!

Hi there!

I know it's been years since this was posted, but I have a question I'd LOVE to have answered, so here's hoping!

I LOVE the teeth, but I also really like the makeup you did! Would you be willing to give a brief explanation on how? I'm working on a project and can't get my zombie to look like yours, I instead get the "guy in makeup look...." Any tips at all would be HUGELY appreciated!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!! And keep up the great work!

Sincerely AJ

So did you use just the cheapo flexable halloween teeth as a bass to start with, or did you use just regular hard plastic halloween teeth?

Here's our 2014 zombie! Err I mean my daughter!! Had lots of fun for our 1st attempt!! Will definitely try more things this year!!

14, 10:18 AM.jpg14, 10:18 AM.jpg14, 10:18 AM.jpg

Well Zombie walk is over :( Just wanted to send you a final thank you for the inspiration to take my costuming to the next level! Happy Haunting!

zombie leanne 2014.jpg

This is awesome. Am deftly going to try this for an up coming zombie club, and a hole lot better then having to glue each tooth on at a time.

I'm doing a set from the original idea and using glue dots to hold everything in place so as to not warp the plastic with the hot glue. Works really well. Caseface are you making your no lips appliance before and then applying? please share any tips on that!!! Thanks for the great instructable.


Can you please make a tutorial on how to do this? I'm so confused. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!!

1 reply

click NEXT or VIEW ALL STEPS above, at bottom of CaseFace's STEP

Hello! it is an awesome costume! :D what is the price of Locite?

Loved your instructable!! Inspired me to try too! Here are my makeup applied yet...but that's coming soon!!

photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPG
4 replies

these are made 100% of polymorph. After molding directly onto teeth/mouth I spit them out when i knew they would hold shape....added a bit more hot water to wear teeth impressions were and gently squeezed a bit to improve their grip on my teeth. Both bottom and top SNAP onto my teeth securely

Those are great!!! I made a second pair of dentures last year for Halloween using polymorph for the over the lips parts only cause I didnt have enough for each whole denture, but I think this year im definetly going your route and just ordering a whole bag of polymorph for the whole things seems like simple is better :) careful with what paint you used on the outside of yours cause I used just regular acrylic paint and my latex "no lips" rubbed some of the paint off the polymorph.

I bought mine thru Amazon.... "Friendly Plastic"

I used Skin Illustrator to paint the polymorph...but I plan to seal it. I love Halloween!! This year I'm hoping to make it to Toronto's Zombie Walk and a party the following week. My wee kids are most certainly going to be traumatized by mommy! haha

This is too good. You look exactly like the early zombies in the Walking Dead comics :D

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Thanks! definetly the effect I was going for!

Quick question, but how well can you speak in these? I'm assuming that words would be muddled, which is no problem, but was verbal communication outright impossible?