Customised 1984 I.B.M. Portable





Introduction: Customised 1984 I.B.M. Portable

My Custom 1984 I.B.M. Portable, unfortunately the build pics got trashed but I have these few pictures to share. I wanted my 'laptop'  to be a little bit different and so inspired by the film 'Hackers' I built this as my everyday machine.



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    Somewhere in my basement is a COMPAC portable from the same era. I just might give this a whirl.

    That computer looks so cool, I was thinking of doing something like that with my T3100e laptop when it dies.

     If and when you takesome pictures of the inside, can I suggest some better pictures of the outside? half the detail is lost in the shadows, perhaps some better lighting? Let me know if you update the pictures.

    This is the coolest thing Ive seen in a while. I love it! you should sell these on ebay.

    cool i have always wanted to do something like this

     Nice work! I am very impressed, any chance of some internal shots? see how you put it all together?

    Also, what did you use for the screen?

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    Thank you :)
    I need to put a new cpu cooler in so I'll take some internal shots then, everything inside is full sized standard P.C. equipment as i wanted to be able to upgrade when I needed to. The monitor is a very cheap 9 inch portable L.C.D. digital T.V. that I found on fleabay, I took the 12v it needed straight off the motherboards 12v connection and cause it's digital it had an input for the graphics card so was really easy to hook up, in fact once i'd removed the plastics it pretty much slotted straight in to the corner brackets that had held the original CRT in place.

     hmm, that sounds very interesting, I am working on a similar project myself. To date I have been working into it a usb powered screen, that also takes the signal off the motherboard. That LCD digital tv sounds like an option, what connection does it use exactly?

    I am working on mini itx for my system, again, the idea being that I can upgrade easily.

    Is it battery powered btw?

    The T.V. has an input that looks similar to an s-video connection  on the back and came with a cable that connected  to a standard VGA output from the graphics card. On the power side I originally took a spur from the mains input to the computer and ran that through the T.V's step down transformer and although it worked it wasn't a very elegant solution so i tested the output with a multimeter then tested the 12v output from the computers PSU and they were close enough that i just cut off the TV's transformer and spliced into the PSU supply instead, the upshot is the T.V. now comes on automatically when I boot the computer.

     No battery power I'm afraid I just have a very long power lead ;p

    If you need any pictures of anything in particular when i open it up again give me a shout and I'll post them for you.
     Would love to see the pictures of your project  too , are you going to do an instructable for it?

    Thank I really like it myself, on the rare occasion i do take it out it does attract a fair bit of attention. I used it at a conference once and the I.T. guy there was all over it taking pictures for his boss.

    I can see  why! I wish I had the resources / money to do something like this!

    Yep that is just what i had in mind when i started sourcing components for it.  It's showing it's age a little bit now but currently I'm playing left 4 dead 2 and Borderlands so it's still doing ok :)