Picture of Customize PC Recycle Bin Name
Ever wonder how to rename the Recycle Bin?
You think that "recycle bin" name is not cool?
Bored looking at Recycle Bin?

so this instructibles will make your PC Recycle bin name changed WITHOUT ANY PROGRAM AT ALL

just follow the steps and you're done

Step 1: Opening Regedit

Picture of Opening Regedit
the only way to rename recycle bin is using Registry Editor or Regedit.

How to open it:
Click Start
Click Run...
Type in Regedit
Click Ok

Once you open the Regedit, continue to next step.
fredyy4 years ago
it really worked so glad.
chilll20094 years ago
my friend was able to right click and rename it...
dariel24 (author)  chilll20094 years ago
well on newer OS like windows 7 you can just do that. on XP you need this steps
lol, nice
oh, and when I click on the recycle bin download button, all it does is download a .tmp file
dariel24 (author)  nutsandbolts_645 years ago
hmm there's something wrong, it supposed to be the .exe file. and i'm not sure where in which computer and hard drive i put the file in, so i cant reupload it
Hayhick6 years ago
Strange im a bit of a computer helper and I want to ask you,cant you just right click and hit re-name? I dident check
Trid Hayhick6 years ago
In Vista, right click>rename works.
Works for me in Windows 7
dariel24 (author)  Hayhick6 years ago
Right click and Re-naming wont work in xp maybe you can do it on vista (which i dont know because i didnt have vista)
I dont have vista to.
no you can't. it doesn't show up and slowly double clicking it doesn't work ether
El Mano5 years ago
You can also change the icon through Right-Click\Properties\Desktop\Customize Desktop. You can download icons at iconarchive.com.

Where'd you get the wallpaper? A digital-art collector like myself would kill for such a glorious image.
dariel24 (author)  El Mano5 years ago
sorry for the late reply, i've been inactive for long.

i'm sure you will like this website:
it has a whole bunch of such sci-fi pictures, including that one
Arbitror6 years ago
Now, you don't even have to go into regedit! Simply copy n' paste the following code into notepad, and save it as Recycle Bin Renamer.bat. Yes, include both "::::" just to make sure you get the whole code.
Make sure the name is:
Recycle Bin Renamer.bat
dariel24 (author)  Arbitror6 years ago
nice one. i convert it to EXE and add visual efects to make it cool. and i delete the Restore Default capability as it will inteferes with 2 or more words of renamimg
2 or more words does not interfere... I just tried it now!
::::@echo off & color 0f & title Recycle Bin Renamer                                                                                              %date%echo.echo   Type a new name, then press enter. Or, leave it blank and press enter toecho   restore the Recycle Bin's name. Press F5 on the desktop after finishing toecho   see the new name!echo.echo.echo.echo.echo.echo.echo.echo.echo.echo.echo.echo.set /p input=                                 if %input%=="" goto restore@reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoam\MUICache\ /v @C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll,-8964 /d "%input%" /f >nulexit:restore@reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoam\MUICache\ /v @C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll,-8964 /d "Recycle Bin" /f >nul::::
Arbitror6 years ago
Cool! Mine is now named: toilet.
JamesFXR6 years ago
what is the picture on your desktop from???
dariel24 (author)  JamesFXR6 years ago
i got it in The Light Works

They have lots of SciFi Pictures
it looks like a starwars fighter