you need:
Windows XP

and thats all!

Step 1: The Thingy at the Top

close or minimize everything then right click on the desktop and click on properties.

Step 2: You're Done

all you have to do now is switch stuff around to the way you want.
...<br /> <br /> No offense, but my Grandmother knows how to do this and she has only had a computer for 3 weeks. <br />
Yeah, no need to show everyone this. We already know. :P
hadi lan ordan
LFMAO :) wakwakwakwakwakawak
You could go A&nbsp;LOT more in depth about this subject. Maybe add some really useful registry hacks, custom sounds, cursors, skins, icons, and maybe some custom scripts that could take care of menial tasks like cleaning organizing your file system, running maintenance programs at specified times and the like. my advice is do a little research (a.k.a. google) then come back and improve this instructable.<br />
Rubbish everyone knows this -_-
its not rocket science

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