Has your USB thumbdrive ever gotten mixed up with someone else's? Well, after this tuorial you will have a thumbdrive like none  other!! This is probably one of the easiest HOW-TOs out there and it doesn't require any tools apart from the ones lying around your own house..so without further ado, LET'S GET STARTED!!!

Step 1: Items Required

As I said, this project won't require much. In fact, you will only need:

Super glue
A USB thumbdrive
A Swiss army knife( or a hand saw and a sharp blade)
The new USB cover of your choice

Yeah sorry..I didn't really stress on the measurements bit. I thought it would be quite obvious that you have to get the length and what not right in order for the USB to fit in the pc. But u said "the drive barely fit" so I presume the thumbdrive still works? And since your new casing would probably be a lot bigger than the original casing it may not fit in all USB ports. But the ports on the back of the pc should be fine.
I made one out of a PVC Godzilla, test fitting was very important, the drive barely fit.

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