Picture of Customize Your Own Thumbdrive!!!
Has your USB thumbdrive ever gotten mixed up with someone else's? Well, after this tuorial you will have a thumbdrive like none  other!! This is probably one of the easiest HOW-TOs out there and it doesn't require any tools apart from the ones lying around your own without further ado, LET'S GET STARTED!!!
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Step 1: Items required

Picture of Items required
As I said, this project won't require much. In fact, you will only need:

Super glue
A USB thumbdrive
A Swiss army knife( or a hand saw and a sharp blade)
The new USB cover of your choice

Step 2: Removing the treasure from the chest

Picture of Removing the treasure from the chest
The first thing you are going to want to do is remove the casing of the USB thumbdrive. If you are able to just pry open the casing then go ahead but in my case, the covers were stuck together like the birds in RIO. So first you are going to want to use the saw blade on your army knife and saw a hole in the area that wouldn't destroy the chip inside( in my case it was the back of the thumbdrive). If  your casing isnt transparent like mine, you are just going to have to saw it slowly and be careful not the cut the chip in half XD. And please remember to have a cutting mat or something thick underneath so you dont accidentally ruin your table. Your mum won't appreciate it!! And when you have made a hole big enough, you can use your hands or pliers to remove the treasure from the chest.
schin7 (author) 2 years ago
Yeah sorry..I didn't really stress on the measurements bit. I thought it would be quite obvious that you have to get the length and what not right in order for the USB to fit in the pc. But u said "the drive barely fit" so I presume the thumbdrive still works? And since your new casing would probably be a lot bigger than the original casing it may not fit in all USB ports. But the ports on the back of the pc should be fine.
FbO Vorcha2 years ago
I made one out of a PVC Godzilla, test fitting was very important, the drive barely fit.