Picture of Customize Your Wii!!
I wanted to customize my wii without permanent damage (or any damage to it!) 
So this is what i did!
you can do it your own way too this is an example!
Here's what you need 
:Black and Green electric tape
:a lot of legos!
:a clean Wii
:Some time to spear! 

Step 1: Taping you wii

Picture of Taping you wii
I taped the sides black and the top, bottom, and front green!
be sure to use electric tape because it comes off easy and adds no harm to your wii!

Electrical tape, eh? Why not just use double sided tape, so you can just tape the Legos on? Or anything else, for that matter.
Furloy4 years ago
honestly, i would use floor tape because it will leave no sticky residue after you take it off
mrb400 (author)  Furloy4 years ago
i tried floor tape it didn't work as well and it only leaves residue if you get a cheap brand regular like the one i used dosent
Furloy mrb4004 years ago
what was wrong with it?
what about gaffers/film tape
mrb400 (author)  Furloy4 years ago
im not sure about film tape that might work and floor tape didnt stick for long only a week or two
Furloy mrb4004 years ago
kay what games do u have
mrb400 (author)  Furloy4 years ago
what does that have to do with anything?