Picture of Customize Your Xbox 360 For CHEAP!
I will show you how to make you Xbox 360 look super cool and super affordable!


-Cutting Windows Out On Top
-Cutting The DVD Housing For Viewable Disk Spin
-Lighting The Interior With Your Choice Of Color
-Painting The Face Plate, Sides, and DVD Housing

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Step 1: Tools & Supplies Needed

Tools Needed:

Torx Screw Drivers (You may be able to get away with just small flat head screw drivers intsead)
Small Phillips & Flat Head Screw Driver Set
Soldering Iron
Drill & Bits
Dremel w/Cutting Wheel
Hot Glue Gun
Wire Snips
Exacto Knife
Sanding Block (medium grit)
Sand Paper (medium grit)

Supplies Needed:

9 x 7 1/2" x 1/8" Sheet Of Plexiglass
6 LED's Of Your Choice
Black Spray Paint
30 AWG Wire
Masking Tape
Resistor (depends on what led setup you use)

Step 2: Disassembly!

Picture of Disassembly!

1. Remove Your Hard Drive

Just press the button and pull it off

Step 3: Disassembly! Contd.

Picture of Disassembly! Contd.
2. Remove The Face Plate

Just stick you thumb in the usb slot and pull with a little bit of force.

Step 4: Disassembly! Contd.

Picture of Disassembly! Contd.
3. Remove The Sides

Now, to remove the pieces you will need a small pointed object such as a very thin torque screw or a small screwdriver. You will now need to locate the plastic tabs within the wholes and push them in with your pointed object. Each piece has three tabs per side totaling 6 tabs for each piece. On the piece that holds the Harddrive, it can be easier to get the two tabs by going inside and pulling them out. (shown below) To remove the last top grey piece, you will need to remove the rubber pad covering the hole. Also, use a spare screwdriver or other object to hold up the popped tabs
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Nickmandra11 months ago

I think using led strips would be better becayse them come in nice colors are cheap and can cut them to desired lengths and all so you could hot glue them in case were there concealed and it would inliminate the need for all that wireing and resitirors

also led strips are 12 volt so no resistors would be needed

felix171 year ago

Have one to sell?

Sell it yourself

Details about trox t8 tool and mini screwdriver

Risturbeat2 years ago
How about those two holes where the screws have to be bolted in.
Can you just ignore those or would I have to take those into consideration?
I've been measuring a bit and it seems that this modification doesn't have those holes anymore.
Could anybody help me with that?
can i get banned from xbox live for doing this
Tia 232 years ago
Can sum1 plz help me!! Do u no of a place where I can get my b/f's Xbox customized?? I leave in NC. I have been searching for 4 1/2 months now. I'm so tried but I will not give up! My very last step will b to do it myself but he will no it's gone.
any ideas on how to attach led's to 3 pin connector as im special and have a 3 pin fan? do i juust strip part of the coloured wired as shown and continue like it is said?
any ideas would be much appriciated
it should be the red wire is power, the black is ground, and the blue is speed sensor
Aaamazzara4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
chill there killer
lol :D i cant be chill :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
matbh3 years ago
i´m not sure if its a good idea to open ur dvd drive.
the drive can get more dust than normal....
nkoehler3 years ago
will it work for any dvd drive????
he this will void the warrenty means for the entire process not just removing the hard drive
stevenn213 years ago
This step is dangerous if your not an electrician and you wire this up wrong you could:
1. brick your console
2. burn your house down
3. electricute yourself
I suggest buying a ready made light unit from ebay called:
"Nexilux Smart LED Storm V2 for XBOX 360 Case Tunning".
It plugs into the disc drive socket on the main board with a splitter so you can plug your drive into the splitter.
Also there are a few useful features instead of just 1 colour thats comes on when you switch your console on and turns off when you turn the console off it has 7 diffrent colours to choose from with 3 diffrent settings on each colour.
You get a remote control with it too.
Also you can turn the lights off so you can game in the dark without led's glaring in your face.
A+NON+O+MUS6 years ago
I would do this in a second but with the red ring of death threat i don't dare. once you open the case you could void the warranty and good by XBOX.
All you are doing is putting LED's in, maybe with a battery inside or something. There is no soldering to the MOBO so getting a RRoD isn't a problem as long as you take proper precautions against static electricity. When you open the case the warranty becomes VOID. There are stickers on the Xbox that when removed, leave a residue letting people know that it was opened.
i'd fix the xbox myself rather than send it off - i can fix it within an hour, microsoft takes weeks. plus SOO much satisfaction in fixing it yourself! :)
I used 12v source near the power suply for my fans. I am also instaling led lights but I don't know where to find another power source. I NEED HELP!
You could solder a wire to the USB output of the Xbox and do it that way, or plug a USB plug into the Xbox and run it into the system to have power.
you could always put a 9 volt battery in your case get a 9 volt plug thingy from an old alarm clock and glue it to the side and tape it up to prevent any shorts.
go to lamma, there's more than 1 power source
3x0du54 years ago
Here are my inspired versions
sam484154 years ago
Can i just remove the dvd cover instead
xxni4ni5 years ago
wouldn't it be better to use a cold cathode?
awz123 xxni4ni4 years ago
Valeil4 years ago
Just wondering:
How does it look without the LEDs? I'm going to do this project, but I'm not so good at wiring and the likes.
dsxharo4 years ago
anyone know how to get the instructions to do this for free? a website perhaps?
hey do you get band for putting the leds in it? thanks
lol, no you cannot get "banned" for putting any modification in/on your xbox. They only ban people that use flashed dvd drives. ;-)
They do ban you for putting in new fans. Kinda stupid, huh, if that's what gets you RROD?
And new fans give you RROD?
actually if you 12 volt your fans they can find out because the fan plug is not being used
Wait, so over xbox live they can tell if you CHANGED YOUR FANS?????
whats a flashed dvd drive?
thats having your dvd drive flashed to play burned xbox 360 games.
Ah, psh, who does THAT? Not me, heh heh heh.
Can you still play on live if you have a flashed dvd drive? like on the original xboxs they could detect if you had a mod chip and. permanently banned your from connecting to live
not with the new LT firmware.
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