Step 10: Installing The PlexiGlass

Picture of Installing The PlexiGlass
Before we install this I am assuming that you have already got a sheet of plexiglass cut to the right dimensions of 9"x7 1/2".

1. Flip the cover that we just got done cutting hole in upside down.
2. Measure and mark 9"x7 1/2" and make sure it is centered an even all around
3. Now we need to cut anything out that will prevent use from allow the plexiglass to lay evenly, so with the dremel get to work and cut out anything that sticks up above the surface. NOTE: The 2 screw holes in the middle are no use to us and we can cut them out, but make sure that all 4 corner screw holes are left alone.
4. Sand down all the rough cuts so everything is nice and smooth
5. Test to see if you plexiglass will fit in the area that you cut out for it.
6. Attach the plexiglass to the cover with hot glue around all the edges and anywhere else you can get it without it being visible
Stokieash5 years ago
i got a flashed xbox, and aint been banned since last year :P
I was wondering if it would be possible to use acrylic instead of plexi? Thanks!
CoryBoyo6 years ago
They don't ban you from live for putting 12v fans in because I shorted a fuse and I cannot draw power from the xbox fan plug, so I wired the fans to a 12v transformer about 5 months ago and I play on xbox live no problem :)'
LzrdMan6 years ago
How thick a peice of plexiglass did you use? Just don't want mine to be too big.
believe he said 1/8th of an inch on the 1st step
d13607 years ago
does the hole got to be 9"x7 1/2"?????
the hole can be what ever that measurement is the recomended plexi size because it fits the entire inside cover nicely
dmcer d13606 years ago
The point is to take what he has done and either copy it because you like it, or take it in another direction.
does the perspex go underneth or right in the hole meaning it needs to be esactly the same size?
when i did mine i put it underneath
bam40036 years ago
Before you ask a question like "whats a flashed DVD drive" Please do some research, google/yahoo it please. Good write up though. A+
hey do you get band for putting the leds in it? thanks