Step 13: Finished Product

Once you are done painting, slap everything together and there you go you have your very own very custom xbox 360!

Here is a video of it and of how the spinning disk effect looks!

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!!!
matt9204 years ago
This case mod is sick. I think it is one of the most cleanest looking window and led mod i have seen.
how do u paint the power button without painting the middle part?
spartan0945 years ago
 I would have gone with green LEDs, then it would match the power button. Or you could switch the power button green LED for blue.
Looks sweet. As soon as I finish fixing the heat sinks I will do this. What is the song in this video?
the song is What I've Done by Linkin Park
If I were to do everything you did, minus the LED's and the DVD drive cut-out, would it still void Microsoft's Xbox-360 warranty?
chils916 years ago
can you post a list of websites or stores where you bought your leds, resistors, and other supplies?
ace for plexi
ebay for leds
i recomend this guy from hongkong
shipping took a week and a half
radioshack 500 resistor pack
packman376 years ago
could u tell me where you found the power connectors on the motherboard for your LEDs
Hey, that is the coolest customization I have seen. What would it cost for me to mail you my 360 and have you customize it for me?-since you know what you are doing and have all the proper tools. I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I noticed you took away a +and- fan connector where you plugged the LEDs into. Are you running on one fan or did you have to power both fans with one connector? Thank you for any information any one can provide me with.
Dvldogg057 years ago
Do you know of any videos with this? would make doing it a lot easier.
chefbrian7 years ago
that just looks sweet!, i wish i had a 360 so i could do that!