Step 9: Cutting Out The Windows In the Top of the Xbox 360

Before we get started first we have to remove the metal piece that is under the top of the cover. To do this just give it a good yank it and should snap right off. This piece is no use to us.

1. Decide what type of window you want and sketch it out on a piece of paper.
2. Once you are happy with what you sketched now you want to cut out the windows in the piece of paper
3. Trace the paper design on to the xbox 360 and make sure everything is straight and parallel like you want it.
4. Use a dremel with the cutting well on a low speed to cut about 1/8th of an inch away from your line.
5. Once you have cut out the window(s) take you sanding block and sand down you cuts until they are smooth and on the lines.
6. Next sand down your corners until they are also smooth and on the line.
Risturbeat3 years ago
How about those two holes where the screws have to be bolted in.
Can you just ignore those or would I have to take those into consideration?
I've been measuring a bit and it seems that this modification doesn't have those holes anymore.
Could anybody help me with that?
jesust19935 years ago
what about the metal piece? does it not go back on?
It doesent