Picture of Customize your computer!
This instructible shows how to customize your log-in screen, your taskbar, and your background. And make them look like the pictures below, or however you want them to.

Step 1: Windows Login Screen

Picture of Windows Login Screen
Before we start, you will need to download one of two programs I know of that can do this. They are either "LogonStudio" for Windows XP, "LogonStudio" for Windows Vista or [http://javascript:__doPostBack('ctl00$_ContentArea$_DownloadLink','') "Boot Skin"] for Windows XP.

Once you have one of these two programs you can either download already made "Skins" for your login screen, or you can make one yourself. If you want to just download one, then follow this link here for LogonStudio XP, here for LogonStudio Vista, or here for BootSkins. If you want to make your own, the easiest way to do it is to use LogonStudio.
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TyMan2105 years ago
 Could you find a way for this to work in Ubuntu?

yeah /it works just convert the file

tinker2343 years ago
could you tell me how to get rid of accounts i am trying to make a car computer using road runner as default for start up i found it here

wii maniac7 years ago
Whats all that stuff on ur desktop??
it is called windows vista
Or 7
alfonso (author)  wii maniac7 years ago
Which picture are you talking about?
The boxhead10.txt doesn't work. It just takes you to a website that never loads!?
alfonso (author)  Xander da gr87 years ago
I dont think there is anything wrong with the file, because I used that exact file as my background for a long time with no problems. The problem probably has something to do with your computers settings.
So...how would I fix it?
 Write a new one.
Gage9875 years ago
don't forget bumptop
it rulez
ggiihh15 years ago
 i'm not sure if i missed. it but can you post a file for the cia login? if not, how did you make it?
QwertyuioLP6 years ago
Wicked Faved
ndwheels7 years ago
Thanks for telling me where to download a new bootskin. Could someone advise me on how to apply it? Thus far I just have a folder with picture in it.
Yeah, the boxhead10.txt doesn't work at all!
fwjs287 years ago
the vista home edition logon image is located at C:\Windows\System32\oobe and is called msoobe it is here for you....
alfonso (author)  fwjs287 years ago
Cool, so all someone would need to do is save this image as something else, and then save a different image as msoobe in that directory you said earlier. I don't have vista, so I cant actually do this though. Let me know if that works.
This is an amazing Instructable and really useful. I no have my computer just how I want it. I thank you greatly
__-_-_-__7 years ago
I use kaspersky too. how do you take out the kaspersky logo in the logon screen?
alfonso (author)  __-_-_-__7 years ago
No, but if you give me a week or two (when summer vacation starts) I can probably figure it our for you.
Help! I got line rider working on my desktop,even figured out how to adjust size, add game ect, but a while ago, it just stopped working. Now all I get are white boxes with the EXACT same html files I was using before. I even downloaded the one above to make sure I had not messed somthing up. I'm still just getting boxes. any ideas?
prem2008887 years ago
ur idea is great...i downloaded some of the icon pack from the site u given. but it is all in the .ip extension and .dxtheme extension.how can i open that.pls help me to change the apperence of the icon as which you did the step6.pls help me
pseudalus7 years ago
I like the idea of this project but I've downloaded all 3 programs suggested to edit the logon screens and NONE of them have an EDIT mode! What's the deal? I can create, delete, save, or upload new screens but there's no way to edit anything as described. Neither right or left click shows any menu. I'm using Vista so maybe that was my first mistake. . .
alfonso (author)  pseudalus7 years ago
I do not have access to a windows vista computer (thankfully) to try out the edit feature, sorry, but I think you might be on your own on this one.
Heywasup7 years ago
Just how much is the Logon Studio program?
alfonso (author)  Heywasup7 years ago
Logon studio is free. You can get it here (sorry link button would not work.)

Heywasup7 years ago
I meant when it shows u wat user u want. The "Central Intelligence Agency" How do u customize it like that. Id love to trick my friends into thinking they might be arrested or watever. But i still dont have program.
alfonso (author)  Heywasup7 years ago
In order to make the CIA login screen, you will need to get the logon studio program. Once you have that program, you can download the CIA login screen and the program will do the rest for you. There are some links for where to get the stuff you need in step one.
brzmaniac7 years ago
i lost my tak bar and it wont come back even if i type explorer or exploer 2
alfonso (author)  brzmaniac7 years ago
In the control+alt+delete new task input, type explorer.exe (don't forget the .exe , it wont work without it.) If that doesnt work you need to make sure your "shell" file is configured to use the explorer file that you want, probably the one that you didn't edit (should be explorer.exe) Then do the control+alt+delete new task thing again. Hope this helps, good luck.
aw man its just not workin i guess i just screwed my computer up for good :(
Make sure you didn't just drag it to the side or top of the screen.
alfonso (author)  brzmaniac7 years ago
My explorer file is posted in on the start button step. Take that file and put it in your windows folder and set it to your explorer file in regedit. If you need to get to regedit go to control alt delete and type regedit into the new task input.
alfonso (author)  brzmaniac7 years ago
Never Give Up! I will try and post my explorer file and your can use it. Just a minute
It wont let me edit on Logon Vista
alfonso (author)  HardCoreHacker7 years ago
I don't have vista so unfortunately I don't know anything about logon vista. I would suggest looking on Google for a way to edit the vista version.
chrischavez7 years ago
how come is it that when i set up the boxhead10.txt as my background. i just get two white screen. i included an image of my desktop. could any one please help
alfonso (author)  chrischavez7 years ago
Well first of all, Im not sure if this is what you meant to say, but you need the .txt document to be saved as a .html document for it to work. The only other problem I can think of that would cause this is if you either do not have access to the internet, or your computer is not allowing the background to access the internet.
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