Customize Your Own Portable Coffee Bags





Introduction: Customize Your Own Portable Coffee Bags

Take them camping.  Throw them in your desk for emergencies.  Keep a stash in your car.  They are quick, tasty, and completely customizable...  They're coffee bags!!   

In just a few quick steps you can have flavored, sweetened or just plain black coffee wherever you need it!  The recipe is up to you!


Coffee grinder
Whole bean coffee
Non-Dairy creamer
Tea bags (the size used for 4 cup tea pots)

Step 1: Grind the Beans

Grind the beans on the finest setting.  The more surface area you can create in the grounds, the more flavorful your cup of coffee will be.  I tried several grinds, but the finest works the best.  It gives the fullest flavor.  

Step 2:

Add the coffee to a tea bag.  I use three table spoons for a dark cup of coffee.  My "cup" of coffee is closer to 2 c. of water.  

Step 3: Adding the Sugar

Obviously, adding sugar is optional.  I have to admit, i'm not a purist when it come to coffee.  I enjoy a bit of sweetness in my cup of joe.  I add one teaspoon of sugar.  

Step 4: Adding the Creamer

Be sure to use non dairy creamer!  They come in several flavors.  I really like the Italian sweet cream and of course, French vanilla.  Whatever you choice is add your desired amount.  I use a half teaspoon.   

Step 5: The Fold

When the bag is filled with the desired amounts of ingredients, fold the flap over onto the bag.  Leave as much "slack" as possible to allow the coffee to move around in the bag when it is steeping.  (The coffee will expand when it steeps, so the more room for expansion, the better)

Step 6: Sealing the Bag

Use your hot iron to press the flap and seal it.  The heat will cause the material to stick to itself, sealing your coffee mixture securely in the bag.  

Step 7: Steep and Stir

Heat up some water.  Boiling water is preferred because the bag takes a little longer to steep than conventional coffee, and you still want your cup to be hot when its ready to drink! Be sure to press and stir the bag while it is steeping.  This will ensure you get the most flavor out of the bag!  You can remove the bag when your brew is at the desired potency.  I leave mine in...  

Now, sit back and enjoy!!  Mmmm....

If you make extras, which I recommend, store the bags in an air tight container to preserve the flavor.



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    I actually had this idea and tried it myself. As with most of my "original" ideas that I checked on the internet thousands of others have thought of this first. My motivation was that my wife bought this Keurig coffee maker that has these little cups that make one cup and charge a dollar each, which is outrageous (using the ink-jet printer customer rip-off model). I took a Salada tea bag apart by un-stapling, dumped the tea and put two teaspoons of ground coffee in the empty bag and re stapled after folding. Pouring hot water over it makes too weak a cup but if you put the bag in a microwave-safe cup add bottled water and microwave for two minutes it makes a better cup of coffee than the ridiculously priced Keurig.

    hey man i'm guessing you entered this in the coffee contest? i wonder if something is wrong with the people reviewing the entries

    "Coffee contest"? Which one? The people reviewing the entries are most likely "coffee snobs" - like me. I tried the coffee bag idea decades ago and wasn't at all happy with the results. Without writing a treatise on proper coffee brewing technique, the coffee bag is far less than ideal.

    lol i hope you like my coffee invetions.. i would love to hear your coffee snub opinion lol

    I commented on your invention. Not a bad idea. I also resisted going into a diatribe about the art of coffee brewing - which I easily could because, as you know, I'm a coffee snob.

    thanks for the feedback!

    I just ordered the tea bags from Amazon. I have bought prepackaged coffee bags from the grocery store for camping trips in the past, but they are really expensive for what you get and I don't use many at a time and they go stale. I can't wait to try this!

    Where do you find the tea bags to fill? Are they available anywhere?

    you can get empty tea bags like these either at specialty shops like Teavana ( ) or from places like Whole Foods in the tea section or at local co-ops.