Customize your own portable coffee bags


Step 7: Steep and stir

Picture of Steep and stir
Heat up some water.  Boiling water is preferred because the bag takes a little longer to steep than conventional coffee, and you still want your cup to be hot when its ready to drink! Be sure to press and stir the bag while it is steeping.  This will ensure you get the most flavor out of the bag!  You can remove the bag when your brew is at the desired potency.  I leave mine in...  

Now, sit back and enjoy!!  Mmmm....

If you make extras, which I recommend, store the bags in an air tight container to preserve the flavor.

chachingck3 years ago
Where do you find the tea bags to fill? Are they available anywhere?
you can get empty tea bags like these either at specialty shops like Teavana ( http://bit.ly/yjptBy ) or from places like Whole Foods in the tea section or at local co-ops.
LOVE IT, particularly the ideas of incorporating the creamer and sugar, and the ironing to keep the bag sealed. Thank you!!!
beank3 years ago
Very neat idea....where do you get the empty tea bags?
rafari3 years ago
I really like this idea! Thanks.