Introduction: Customize Your Rubber Band Crossbow

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Before and after!

You will need:

-Rubber Band Crossbow - you can get one at a toy store

-Wood stain - any color will work but I like dark colors so I went with a dark mahogany.

-Air brush and paints - I went with dark blue, dark purple, black, and silver

Step 1: Get the Cross Bow

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Easy step just get the cross bow. I got mine at toms toys.

Step 2: Fun Part!

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To start off your going to take the PVC pipe out and paint it any color, I went with black.

Then you are going to want to stain your cross bow with your color of choice. Let it dry and add a second cote!

After that drys decide what colors you want and what style you would like. I used purple, blue and silver and I decided I wanted a skull and barbed wire on mine.

Then I made some stencils, you can make your own or print some out.

Taking my air brush I added the color! Silver skull and blue barbed wire.

I also added purple and blue gradient on the black of the PVC pipe.

Now let all of that dry and after it is dry you will need to put a finishing spray on so it lasts longer.

Then put the PVC pipe back in and add the string. AND BAM! customized rubber band cross bow! =^.^=


Mr Underdemesiated (author)2015-06-25

This looks like something worth doing. With only 2 steps who wouldn't!

There are actually a few steps, only two pictures. lol

ClenseYourPallet (author)2015-06-24

Way to work outside of your comfort zone! Cool project.

thank you!

tomatoskins (author)2015-06-24

What a cool transformation! It's cool to see your other tallents!

MsMaoMaoz (author)tomatoskins2015-06-24

aww thank you!

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