Picture of Customized 3D Printed Gear Shift Knobs
This is a walk through on how to make your own 3d printed shift knob.   I printed mine on a Makerbot Replicator with Laywoo-d3 filament for that classic wood look.  It was designed for an '06 Honda Civic and should work with similar year imports.  The screw thread that attaches to the car is 10 x 1.5.

Items you will need:

-3D printed with filament (ABS, PLA or other)

- Access to 3D print service (Shapeways, Materialize, Etc.) account (free) account (free)


-Strong glue (i used E6000)

-Some sort of clear coat or finisher

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Step 1: Download Files

Picture of Download Files
There are a few files you need to download from  

(You shouldn't need to create an account but it is free to make one if you do.)

To make a basic shift knob, like the one I have pictured, download the files from the following link.

You will need a ShiftKnobOutside and ShiftKnobInside file.  
(CustomShiftKnobCutout is only if you plan on creating your own knob in the following steps)


If you would like a more exotic shift knob I will also walk you through that.
Realistically you can use any .STL file you have to make yours but Ill be using the following link as my example.
astrofolk1 year ago
I'd like to see the shift knob that looks like a head!