Picture of Customized Bulletin Board
This message board is great for the creative people out there, because its completely customized and you can use the materials of your choice.
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Step 1: The Plain Jane Board

Picture of The Plain Jane Board
Start with a white canvas, any size.

Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials
What will you use to customize your board? I used markers because it requires minimum skill, yet looks great.

Step 3: Trace Or Sketch

Picture of Trace Or Sketch
What's your fancy? How will you design your board? Doesn't need perfectionism, you can always go over the lines.

Step 4: Colourize

Picture of Colourize
photo-2013-09-06 3:38 PM.jpg
Everything needs colour, right? Also, tracing everything in black works really well use sharpie.
BeccaParty5 months ago
Wow, looks good! But shouldn't you have some ending step?