Customized Dragon Kindle Cover


Introduction: Customized Dragon Kindle Cover

For all of those who have a basic cover for their kindle book reader, or no cover at all, personal touch for their devices and books can be boring. But if you want to make a really unique and personal cover for your case then you need just 15 minutes and good layout in your mind.

Start here.

Step 1: Spreading the Flair

Before getting your hands and probably kindle, dirty, lets have a careful look at your designs and textures which you might have in mind. Choose a design which should be uniform or should have more design/texture density towards the right side where the screen for our Kindle will lie.

(NOTE : During this instructable i chose an image which had most drawing in the left side, so i ha to to cut it and re-scale it. Don't be a dork like me and choose one with right-side content, something like the punk-art image i have here.)

Step 2: Measure Your Device

You will need precisely more than twice the width of your device. In my case, i have a kindle paperwhite, and a single A4 sheet of matt photo paper was enough for me.

Step 3: Preparing Print

Before you print you will need few basic things;

1. Pair of scissors

2. Tape

3. Glue

4. Matt photo paper/ canvas photo paper (canvas is recommended, but you will need inkjet printer to use canvas at best results)

5. And you design, obviously

Step 4: Editing Image

If your image needs slight tuning like contrast, cropping et cetra, then go ahead and finish them.

Once this is done, we need to make a critical adjustment here. By using a special software here, like i used, or by regular method in Microsoft Word, we need to adjust the sizing of the image in terms of inches.

If you have Kindle Paperwhite then use the sizing of 11''x8'' (in inches). Other devices might need other dimensions. Make sure to recheck it all here.

After this is done, send file for printing at high quality settings.

Step 5: Glue Tape and More Glue


Now you need to cut out the remaining drawing from the printed sheet and try putting it against your kindle cover. If any adjustments are needed, do them now.

After this, glue the entire surface of your cover and CAREFULLY stick your pattern in the correct order, making sure it does not stays outside edges.

Press firmly and leave for at least 15-20 minutes to dry totally

Step 6: Voila ! Enjoy Your Personalized Case

That's it, all done. You can use almost anything that you might like on this, go ahead and try.

If you use canvass printing paper then results will be best, almost as if ordered from some craftsman.

You can also print a comic cover and it might look like any other comic unless you open the cover, i think it would be pretty discreet.



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    I'm gonna use this idea to make a smaller scale phone wallet case

    Oooh, I've been looking for a way to personalise my Kindle :)

    3 replies

    You know, i found out that if you use an A4 canvass paper then it would look real professional. Instead of the paper i used in this instruct.

    Make a great one for yourself and let us know how it turned out!

    Thanks for the tip! :) I'll try it out on my next break :)

    I have another instruct, where i showed how to print on a canvas cloth, you should take a look at that, might help you a bit :).

    Its under Gaming mouse pad,