Picture of Customized Golf Ball Display
Like many avid golfers I have been collecting logo golf balls from all of the courses that I have played. A "logo" ball is just a regular ball that has been imprinted with the logo of the course. Corporations that run company tournaments will sometimes provide golf balls with their company logo imprinted as a souvenir. 
I had one of those off-the-shelf display racks but after several years of visiting different courses I ran out of room. Rather than purchase another rack I decided that creating my own would make a good project, and I could design it to be extendible.

The technique I used is pretty simple. Anyone acquainted with the most basic tools should be able to handle it. It works with any design that has a solid backing. The world traveler might get ambitious and use it on a wall-sized world map (using raised 1/4" plywood for the continents). You could even apply the technique to a plaqued photo of you beside that hole-in-one flag!

Sadly neither of those apply to me so I opted to mount the balls on the side of a bookshelf that lives in my office. The shelf is rather tall and the space beside it is unoccupied so by mounting the balls on the side I didn't waste any space and I had a lot of room for expansion. The photo shows the final result.
golfetail1 month ago

Good idea for practice use!

petejc made it!1 year ago

Thanks for the awesome idea! My brother is getting this for his birthday!

That's awesome! It's practical and it looks great :)
Also, you should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!