Like many avid golfers I have been collecting logo golf balls from all of the courses that I have played. A "logo" ball is just a regular ball that has been imprinted with the logo of the course. Corporations that run company tournaments will sometimes provide golf balls with their company logo imprinted as a souvenir. 
I had one of those off-the-shelf display racks but after several years of visiting different courses I ran out of room. Rather than purchase another rack I decided that creating my own would make a good project, and I could design it to be extendible.

The technique I used is pretty simple. Anyone acquainted with the most basic tools should be able to handle it. It works with any design that has a solid backing. The world traveler might get ambitious and use it on a wall-sized world map (using raised 1/4" plywood for the continents). You could even apply the technique to a plaqued photo of you beside that hole-in-one flag!

Sadly neither of those apply to me so I opted to mount the balls on the side of a bookshelf that lives in my office. The shelf is rather tall and the space beside it is unoccupied so by mounting the balls on the side I didn't waste any space and I had a lot of room for expansion. The photo shows the final result.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

As you can see the tools and materials required are fairly simple. I used a table-mounted power miter saw to fashion my jig but the handheld one would have worked as well. As I was going to be working on a verticle surface I made a more complicated jig than I might have otherwise made.

The tees will form the pegs that hold the balls in place. Try to avoid the very narrow tees made of hardwood as I found them to be brittle. Most of them broke when being tapped into place so I switched to a softer kind. The ones I chose were 2 3/4" Step Tees. The shape provided the perfect resting place for a ball, and the softness of the eco-friendly material made it very easy to put them into place.

An optional material is a board to which the tees are to be mounted. At least 1/2" thickness is required and 3/4" is probably a good idea if you can get it. Remember tees come in insanely long sizes these days so you'll never have to worry about them being too short. My bookshelf was 3/4" wood so the measurements are based on that.
<p>Love this. Found it on pinterest. Now to do some math on how big a board I need based on what ones I've already collected about 50+ so far and then start the costing!</p>
<p>Good idea for practice use!</p>
<p>Thanks for the awesome idea! My brother is getting this for his birthday!</p>
That's awesome! It's practical and it looks great :)
Also, you should enter this into the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/holidaygifts2012">Holiday Gifts Contest</a>!

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