Step 1:

Hello everyone this is my very first instuctable so tell me what you think

Step 2:

Alright so what you need is

• 2 sheets of paper ( doesn't matter if it has lines or not)
• a fine tip permanent marker preferably black
• and lastly as many nerf bullets you want to customize.

Step 3:

Alright so this is where your creativity comes in play. So the paper is to put under the bullet while you draw. When you finish drawing you can either put the bullet some where to dry off or you can blow on it if your impatient like me.

Step 4:

Ok guy and gals these are my first designs. If you like these use them on yours

Comment and tell how I did I'm dying to know.
Ok then sorry you don't like it oh well you like minecraft so I really don't care what you think.

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Bio: Hey everyone I am 13 almost 14. And I love to build things out of leather, wood, and rope.
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