Here I present some of my customized Sci-Fi guns; made with trash, some diverse items, and various different materials...

These are really nice for Halloween, for a costume party... or just for personal protection :P...

I present two designs here: the "martian - killer 1" and "Cain".

Martian killer is the silver one.
This one has even a LED that actually lights and works with the gun's trigger.

Cain is the darkened, bigger one.
This one does not do anything but does look really post-apocalyptic and steampunk-ish.

Step 1: Brief Description

For Martian Killer, for example, I used parts and items such as:

A plastic milk bottle, a small bell, a LOT of wire, a drawer handle, a piece of a leather belt, a button from a pilot -like joystick, and the battery connector...I designed myself the base for the LED connection...
Of course I used a LOT of plastic glue.

For Cain, I used parts and items such as:

A printer's toner plastic package, a Joystick, several gears for weight, a lot of copper wire and common wire, small plastic bases, diverse copper parts, diverse metal parts from old, unused objects and trash...

I used spray paint for the silver, black and gold looks; and I applied a transparent plastic spray paint finish.

Among the tools I used were: pincers, a drill, screw driver, a LOT of plastic glue...a lot of spray paint...each took me about 7-14 days to fully complete.

See if you like them :)


Nice job - I like them!<br>Kind of a post apocalyptic/ neo-steampunk style., crude, but effective!
:D<br>Yeah!<br>Loved those words -- &quot;crude but effective&quot;...I think that applies for most of my projects since I'm a 1-5 day project guy :P<br><br>Thanks for your comments!!<br><br>Your Most Useless Machine is great!!

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