Have you seen the deal where you can buy a bucket of brews in the summer, and then you get to keep the bucket? I always thought those were cool. Many people buy them just for the bucket. So, I thought it could be so much cooler to do your own. Why not put your favorite logos on a galvanized bucket and take it to parties? It provides cold beer and great conversation!

Step 1: Making the Stencil

The first thing you have to do is get yourself a galvanized bucket. I snagged this one from Lowes for about $3. Then you have to figure out what logo you would like. The more simple the logo, the easier it would be. Crazy logos with multiple colors would be tough. You can hit the web at http://www.logotypes.ru/ to check for your favorite logos. It's a site with free downloads of vector art logos. It doesn't have everything out there, but the selection is great. I chose to do an International Harvester logo (Tractors, for those far from the country). Then, you size it, print it out and fasten it to thick paper. I chose a manilla folder. Then, cut it out with an X-Acto knife and pick out your spray paint of choice.
This rocks...on the rocks. I generally use a large metal trash can to hold all my drinks!! Hey, nice other manly stuff on your site, too.

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