Picture of Customized Tote Bags!
Are you a bag-lover with a passion of creating your own products? Always wanted to create your own customized tote but always thought it was too difficult? Then this tutorial, which will show you how to customize a plain canvas bag, is just for you!

A fairly inexpensive and easy method of customizing bags, this tutorial can help add more ‘bling’ to that tattered plain tote of yours!
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
Here is a list of all the material needed-
1. A plain canvas tote
2. Sheets of transfer paper
3. A design to put on the bag
4. An iron
5. Scissors
6. A wooden block or some form of support

Step 2: Looking for a design

Picture of Looking for a design
The first thing to do is to look for a good, appealing design that you wish to print on your bag. You can go on the Internet and look for a design such as one shown in the image, or create your own design using Adobe Photoshop or Paint.NET. Make sure you save this design as well.

Step 3: Printing your design

Picture of Printing your design
printed design 2.jpg
After you have found the perfect design, insert a sheet of transfer paper into your printer. Make sure you insert the paper correctly so that the design is printed on the blank side of the sheet.

However before you print, it is a MUST that you first flip the text or image horizontally before printing it, otherwise the design will be printed as a mirror image on your bag.

Go ahead and print your design, and cut it out if necessary.
Awesome job!