Customized Button Pin Out of Old One....





Introduction: Customized Button Pin Out of Old One....

Step 1

hi ....
here is cool stuff of customized button pin.
we will go through the few steps As follows..

Required material :
1.Any adhesive
2.cello-tape (broadest and transparent ).
3.old button pin.
4.printout of favorite photo  (here i used  my stenciled photo print,i adjusted size of  photo in word document )
5.scissor/cutter .

Step 1:

Step 2:
cut the picture in square shape first so that it will be easy  to hold cut it in circular shape (as per pin size) later..

Step 2:

step 3:
place the pin on the square shaped picture paper and  cut it  as shown in this picture..

Step 3:

now it will look like this ......both shall be of same size..

Step 4:

step 4

apply adhesive on surface of  pin ,spread it and stick the photo on it carefully .....

Step 5:

step 5:

open  the cello tape and and stick the pin as shown here..
cello tape will give glossy and commercial look and it will be work as water and dust proof as well...:)

Step 6:

remove the bubbles by pressing on surface...

Step 7:

press  the cello tape edges properly at backside (pin side).....and get your Uniq button pin....

you can use it as pendant of chain by laying chain inside pin...:)



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hii sister

photos effect customized link plz ?

dear avadhut kindly find the link here

...but the cat is so cute! do you recommend any ways of sealing the exposed paper after you attach it to the pin? nice ible

.....yup cute bt that was common...and i already suggested the way of sealing the paper by transparent cello tape.. in step 6.