Step 10: Enjoy...

Picture of Enjoy...
One of the most nerve-breaking projects I ever did. This needs precision, time and patience.

I'm really satisfied with it, nice feeling ;-)

My wife loved it, she had it right immediately ;-)

Enjoy, and good luck if you'll try this yourself!

Note: you can turn this into a pendant. I didn't because I didn't want to drill this prototype...
tech dawg2 years ago
I don't understand how to do the screw part I'm building this and I understand everything up to the part with the screw how does the price turn?
Is it possible to simply cut the shape from a piece of wood, then saw it in half?
DTC132 years ago
You are missing where the top/front half rotates to reveal the photo.
DTC133 years ago
Great look but your missing the last step
bricobart (author)  DTC132 years ago
And what step is this supposed to be?
TangoDelta3 years ago
It looks beautiful, and your 'ible makes it look so easy!

Congratulations on a job extremely well done!