Picture of Customizing Game Consoles!
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If you've clicked onto this instructable, it's easy and a fun experience to have. I basically just opened up the console ( I used an Atari flashback) and mask it using blue tape or any other types to cover what you don't want being painted. Then just simply raise it off the ground and spray paint it ! I'm not responsible for any damage plus that reminds me, also remove the circuit board carefully to not damage it so you can continue using the console of course.
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pichonfrog11 (author) 11 months ago
I did in a rush cause i was traveling with it, but thanks though
seamster11 months ago

Pretty nice!

It'll help you get a few more views if you take some photos of the steps involved (masking, painting, etc.). Nice project though! For the next thing you make, take pictures along the way to share :)

pichonfrog11 (author) 1 year ago
Any questions and soo just ask me here, or if you've done this instructable, send me a picture to see your cool design!