Step 2: Tools and Parts

Picture of Tools and Parts
The tools to customize or repair your lures are simple needle nose pliers side cutters and something to open your locking rings. In my case I used a nail file don’t use something sharp the parts are small and if you slip you can cut yourself.

The parts to customize or repair your lures are locking rings treble hooks and single pronged hooks with large eyelets.

Hooks with small eyelets will not fit over locking rings and other lure parts as seen in the third picture.
Conqured3 years ago
also you may try changing it up on the colors you use. i know some places are different but as to where im located, using the right colors of bait could also depend on how clear or murky the water is. usually the clearer the water the darker color of bait you would use. i have not done any clear stream fishing as i only know of one where i am located and fishing is prohibited but as far as river, lakes, and ponds thats always worked for me. hope that helps.
Josehf Murchison (author)  Conqured3 years ago
Small bright lures in clear water work also.

In clear water I have seen Pike follow my lure and not try to take it until I let the line go slack and as the lure falls to the bottom of the river the pike strikes.

Fish can be fickled.

hey this is very interesting Joseph
i personally can't get our local bass to touch a soft plastic so maybe adding a spinner might help :D
I looked up the fish in the land down under the fish are not that different looking than the fish in Canada.

Try soft bates that contrast with the spinners and spoons as in this pic. I like the added action of curly tailed soft bates however straight soft bates work well also.

Hey again Joe
wow thanks for the help, maybe our bass will be interested in these! great idea :D