Step 2: Tools and Parts

The tools to customize or repair your lures are simple needle nose pliers side cutters and something to open your locking rings. In my case I used a nail file don’t use something sharp the parts are small and if you slip you can cut yourself.

The parts to customize or repair your lures are locking rings treble hooks and single pronged hooks with large eyelets.

Hooks with small eyelets will not fit over locking rings and other lure parts as seen in the third picture.
Nice, please check out my guide on bass fishing. I need votes for the hunter gatherer contest. Thanks so much! That would really help me out!
<p>How about a link</p>
<p>LOVE IT</p>
<p>Have you tried it.</p><p>I catch bass, pike, trout, sunfish, and many more on this rig.</p><p>Sometimes I cant figure out how a fish that small gets the hook in its mouth.</p><p>Joe</p>
<p>I used to file the barbs off, then i realized that kinda tears the little guys up maybe more than a barb. here in kentucky I catch a lot of sunfish, and while I do my best to release them unharmed, the ones that are not in good shape become catfish bait, so it's not as bad as it could be, plus I'm generally not catching any species that are in the least bit endangered. the big cats are unkillable, so the barbs don't bother them. Usually the hook goes into a bony plate in their mouths and you have to remove it with pliers. they seem unaffected.<br>The sunnies, however, and the bass, it breaks my heart when I have to rip a hook out, and those damn trebles can get a sunfish in both eyes and the mouth at once.<br>I prefer a barbless single for them. it adds to the fun anyway, and nothing kills a great day like having to pull a treble hook out of your own thumb, and that happens occasionally with difficult extractions.<br>I have had a five inch longear sunfish get half of a five inch bass plug down it's throat. they aren't numerous because they are picky eaters, and they are unfailingly optimistic.<br>My new theory is to use two small balbless hooks in a single 3 inch plastic worm, but I am trouble figuring out the best way to tie the hooks and rig the bait. any ideas are gladly accepted.<br></p>
<p>Pic 1</p><p>I like Mustad hooks for the large eye and only one barb to press down when I want to go barbless, in the package are the ones I like to use on my larger lures.</p><p>The dark hooks are size 6 and they are the ones I use with bate, they are the same size of hook but you can see how much bigger the eye is on the Mustag hook. For this rig you need the large eyelets.</p><p>Pic 2</p><p>I make a figure 8 snelled knot like I did with this string. Spit on the knot before you tighten the knot, the knot is the weakest point in your line and this is an old fisherman&rsquo;s trick to keep the knot strong.</p><p>Pic 3</p><p>I put the loop of the snelled knot through the eye and around the hook like I did this key ring.</p><p>Pic 4</p><p>Then I make two or three in the line like I did with the string here. I could have spaced it better but I wanted to get it in a pic you could see.</p><p>Is this the kind of rig you were looking for?</p><p>Joe </p>
age 17 right now and i love fishin. looking to be a DNR officer so the barbless hook idea is absolutly incredible. in Minnesota, which is where i live, they allow barbed hooks which makes me mad. anyways thanks for this incredible post
The rules vary all over here in Ontario so when I am in a place where I may catch something I may want to release I use barbless. Most of the time when I want to release a fish I just slacken the line and the fish spits the hook out without me touching the fish.
great instructables man... spot on!
Nice Coho. I was jst in Alaska not long ago and we watched some swimming uo through Kenai river.
Nice Coho. I was jst in Alaska not long ago and we watched some swimming uo through Kenai river.
also you may try changing it up on the colors you use. i know some places are different but as to where im located, using the right colors of bait could also depend on how clear or murky the water is. usually the clearer the water the darker color of bait you would use. i have not done any clear stream fishing as i only know of one where i am located and fishing is prohibited but as far as river, lakes, and ponds thats always worked for me. hope that helps.
Small bright lures in clear water work also. <br> <br>In clear water I have seen Pike follow my lure and not try to take it until I let the line go slack and as the lure falls to the bottom of the river the pike strikes. <br> <br>Fish can be fickled. <br> <br>Joe
hey this is very interesting Joseph <br>i personally can't get our local bass to touch a soft plastic so maybe adding a spinner might help :D
I looked up the fish in the land down under the fish are not that different looking than the fish in Canada. <br> <br>Try soft bates that contrast with the spinners and spoons as in this pic. I like the added action of curly tailed soft bates however straight soft bates work well also. <br> <br>Joe <br>
Hey again Joe <br>wow thanks for the help, maybe our bass will be interested in these! great idea :D

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