Customizing bike with DanceSkateLive sound system for a local street performer

Mei is a local street performer who's developing and nurturing a unique talent: the ability to hula hoop while rollerskating to classic soul music, and delivering the news of the day, be it an environmental lesson or the history of modern rollerskating. She calls her this "DanceSkateLive".

Rock The Bike created a custom Soul Cycle for Mei that helps her take her art form to the next level.

Step 1: Get out there and meet interesting collaborators.

Picture of Get out there and meet interesting collaborators.
Mei was looking for a way to carry her street performing gear. We hooked her up with an Xtracycle and some Ice Blue Down Low Glow on a classic Bridgestone step-through mountain bike she found and suggested that she consider a custom sound system.
yet another funky & cool looking illuminated "soul cycle" design. that roller skate inside the bandpass window is really whimsical. i'd really like to see & hear this system in action on youtube.

to anyone reading this that owns a bike system, wants to build one, or just thinks they're cool, stop by the forums at bikeology and join the conversations or show your system off.
cagsmart5 years ago
whats powering it?
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
better to get speakers with a lot of Xmax, and put them in a vented box
fossilfool (author)  Sandisk1duo6 years ago
Thanks for the tip. Yes, you can see the ports we used in step 8. What have you used for port calculators?
Bass Box 6 Pro, but you'll need the exact dimensions of your speakers
whopoder6 years ago
COOL!!! And well made project :)