There are a good number of instructables for painting the Xbox 360 and accessories, but none that focus on finer customization of the controller Guide button.  If you're going for a truly custom look, the guide button is one component that is often overlooked.  There is obviously a bit more going on in these project pictures, but I will just be focusing on the Guide Button here (with a small tangent for doing the same to another piece of the controller).

Step 1: Prepping the Part(s)

The way the guide button is designed, it is not smooth on top, the 360 X logo is embossed metal on top of the plastic, so you can't just paint over the top and place your own lettering or logo on there.  Before starting, wash the button with mild soap and water and dry it off good and prepare to cover it with body putty.

The metal already has a bit of texture to it, but to ensure the best possible bond, it is a good idea to rough it up some more with sandpaper or otherwise score the surface a bit.  I just used an X-acto knife and scratched it up good.

For this project, I was also putting custom lettering on the piece between the shoulder buttons which has a recessed Microsoft logo on it.  That needed to be filled as well.  The prep procedure is the same, but I used sandpaper to rough up that piece just a bit.

When the parts are ready, mix up a little bit of your favorite body putty and head to step 2.
Omg I'm a girl and I need something to make my controller mine thx for the tip btw love to controller
could you tell me what paint you used?<br />
It was a mixture of a few different types, I'll have to look them up again.&nbsp; I&nbsp;believe the primer is a Krylon &quot;plastic&quot; primer, but could be wrong there (been a while).&nbsp; It was wet sandable, so whichever that turns out to be.&nbsp; That's really the most important part.&nbsp; If you can get a good few coats of primer, you can put anything on top of it that is compatable with the primer.
Hey, can we use plumbers putty?
Nope. Plumber's putty is meant to be used for creating a water-tight seal between plumbing parts and is designed to never dry out. I don't believe it is paintable either. If you were to put it on there, you'd just have a squishy button. :)
prettty sweet. I think I'll do a yin-yang design.<br />

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