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About: I am a British Graphic Designer and Photographer, when I am not working, I spend my time making an array of projects. I used to make a lot of props, but now I spend most my time building crazy cameras and sh...

So, i work in a studio, we do alot of artworking, we're all creative types.

The actual studio is pretty nice, we have our own fridge, we all have decent computers, but recently we had the end wall put in place. Which for a few months has been rather bare.

I found this 'window cut outs' of some printed folder we had been doing, and thus, the Cut Here Door was invented.

I used a simple plumb line to get it all straight (a pair of hefty paper scissors, and some string)

I measured one of our doors for size, then went about sticking the small bits of card to the wall using double sided tape.

I then cut out a large pair of scissors from one of the folders to match.




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    one of the thinfgs that i always wanted to do it to instal a pointless button. :3

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    haha, thats a good idea.

    a big red button to be exact. pushing big read buttons are fun :3

    Is this what you have in mind?


    I almost got to work at SLAC... ~.~

    But that's not my concern right you have any idea what you call that kind of switch panel? I've been wanting one for a while now for a project, but I have no idea at all what to search for beyond "large yellow box with big clicky buttons." Google has not been forthcoming with that description.

    Is that from a place you've worked on? Or did you ~~steal it~~ do a google image search?

    It's from SLAC. I stole the image from one page of the safety training program we all take in order to work there.

    We need pictures of SLAC. Actually, IDK about anyone else. I need pictures of SLAC. I'm suffering from SLAC imagery deficiency. :D


    Oh, the humiliation...sorry, Nacho...

    And I didn't even set rudeness level 5 :-)

    Hopefully some of those pictures will be useful to you. I sort of like the "Virtual Visitors Center", but it's mostly words and drawings.

    wow, to read the incredibly small text, i had to zoom in 400%!

    Go ahead and set it-Nacho kindly sanitized level 5. ;P

    They are nice! Thank you. :-)

    sort of only 1 switch, bigger, and pointless.

    Not even 2 hours after reading your comment I found the image while researching something unrelated.... It was fate. _

    make it. all you need is some acrylic, PVC pipe, some spray paint and maybe a stencil.

    revise an Easy Button, only use your own voice chip and recording LOL