Reconstruct old, boring t-shirts by cutting strips into a "V" shape on the back of your t-shirt and making a sexy V. Just learn the basic weave and it's super easy! Your own diy style shirt :)

No sewing required, you just need a pair of fabric scissors.

Watch the video tutorial:

Step 1: Cut the Neckline

Start off by prepping the neckline.

Decide how you'd like to cut the neck off - Follow the original seam so your cut will be even. Cut 1in wider than the original neckline for a roundneck. Cut 1.5-2in wider than original neckline for a wide, boatneck or off the shoulder neckline. Do not cut more than that because when you stretch the fabric it becomes much larger than you expect.
I tried it and it's awesome. I couldn't tie the end off right though. but other then that I love it.
Neat way to recicle old shirts, you are very creative, plus you're hot. Great instructable. <br>
Love that you can recycle an old shirt doing this!<br><br><a href="http://lushluxelovely.blogspot.com/">http://lushluxelovely.blogspot.com/</a><br>
LOVE IT. <br>I actually messed up and cut the front too but I left it as it was on the front and weaved the back and I loved it. <br><br>I used a white tee that I had already tie dyed.
simple, easy, and beautiful. good job! i needed something for all my tshirts i don't want to get rid of. maybe a good idea for leggings also? :3
i had so many tees and tanks that i didn't like, now they look awesome!<br>i just wear a black tank underneath. thanks!!!!!
Very creative. Thanks for sharing your hard work.
I love it! Its a good idea.<br><a href="http://electrolover.ru/stabilizator-napryazheniya">стабилизаторы напряжения</a>
the video tutorial was very helpful!! at first i was confused but the video really cleared things up! really glad u made it^^
Aw thanks!
Wow very good instructable. Keep up the great creativity!

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