Introduction: Cut an Inside-out Orange in 30 Seconds.

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Cutting an orange so that the inside is on the outside makes it extra juicy! It's very easy to do and makes eating an orange pretty hassle free. No more rind stuck between your fingernails and no more squirting of juices when you bite into a slice of orange. This is the narrow carving knife I used:


warriorethos2 (author)2016-02-21

BeatTheBush, that is a neat way to prepare an orange. I grew up cutting it into pieces or pealing it with the fingers and eating as you mentioned but this idea I will try for breakfast tomorrow morning. I will surprise the wife! Your video was well made and clear to understand. Good job and good luck in the Meal Prep Contest.

Oh man, she'll love it, the orange is extra juicy. But beware, if you do this one time, she'll request it done like this from now on, lol. Thanks for the luck! =D

Eirinn (author)2016-01-25

Not a bad idea :)
ps: typo in last line.

BeatTheBush (author)Eirinn2016-01-25

Thanks! Fixed.

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