Cut and Firepolish Beer and Wine Bottles





Introduction: Cut and Firepolish Beer and Wine Bottles

Step-by-step video of scoring, flame cutting, and firepolishing beer and wine bottles to make drinking glasses and vases. Recycle bottles into useful dinnerware and barware. 

Learn  "How To" D o I t Y ourself art glassblowing techniques for the beginner at   Create your own glass figures, animals, jewerly, and art glass.



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    This is not really an instructable. If it were, the link would not be to a website you have to fish through to find a video. If the only problem was that the video size was too big this "instructable" should at least have a text version of the _instructions_ and then a link to the video itself (not to a website trying to sell stuff). This feels like a thinly veiled attempt to drum up sales of wooden bottle chucks (for sale on the OPs website). The results are nice and the video itself is not too bad (though it leaves out information on internal stress, annealing, wall thickness, flame temp etc. etc.)

    For those looking for the video it can be found here:

    I looked under free stuff on the web site and didn't see this nor any other tutorial.


    Where's the video??? I really want to see the process!!!

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    The video did not upload because it exceeded the 10mb file size limit. The free video can be viewed at Look in the FREE STUFF menu.


    What, is this some kind of joke? You don't give a link to the video and the FREE STUFF menu you refer to is a bunch of links to a bunch of links that go nowhere.


    So this is basically an advertisement for the mentioned website?

    Sovereignty, The link to provides free video instruction about creating your own cut and fire-polished glassware from recycled beer and wine bottles. It also includes a how-to video to make an angel fish pendant. The site suggests where-to-buy or locate glassblowing tools, torches, and equipment to do the described glassblowing techniques. We do not sell these items ourselves - but the site lists where they are available.

    If some one is interested in learning D-I-Y advanced glassblowing techniques, additional glassblowing videos and an instruction manual are available for sale on this site.

    We do not have a video file size small enough to meet the limit of 10mb for Instructables uploads. Providing the Instructable in this way seemed to be a reasonable alternative.

    Regards, Mike Wheeler
    (Make sure you use the "Free Stuff" menu item to view the free videos).

    Sorry. I'm just accustomed to not navigating away from the site 'cept to download or purchase something.

    The results look friggin' awesome. Most of the glass booze and hooch bottles I see are begging to be used for something other than candle holders and vases. Looks like it easily passes for promo stuff from the vendors.

    Hey, can you go into a little detail about your equipment? Mainly the torch equipment, I see the simple torch, but don't know much about torches anyways so I dont know the larger torche that you use second. Thanks

    Where do I find a polishing torch like the one you had in the video?

    These look pretty sweet and I am so inspired, but as for instructing me how to make them... I'm still clueless.

    Do you have to anneal the bottles in a kiln after polishing the edge to keep them from cracking?

    What did you use to add the base to the wine glass?

    How is this an instructable? I only see four pictures and a turntable. Where's the other turntable and microphone?

    HI.....For cracking off the top of the bottle, I use a small propane plumbers torch available at home supply stores (Home Depot, Lowes) and for fire polishing a National Hand Torch available from suppliers on my web site www.learnglassblowing, link to equipment and there are 3 suppliers of this particular torch. This should help.

    Video is also on You tube under "cutting beer bottles" video by wmjwheeler