Cut and Knotted T-Shirt, No Sew





Introduction: Cut and Knotted T-Shirt, No Sew

A Fun, Easy project for kids and adults of all ages. Great way to take a giant T-shirt down to size. No sewing required!

Step 1: Cut Out Neck (optional)

Cut out the neck if so desired, you can alter the new neckline to follow the line of the original or make it a deeper V neck or U neck.

Step 2: Cut Off Sides (optional)

To make the shirt smaller and more fitted, cut both sleeves and some of the sides off leaving a clean straight line. If you want to leave the sleeve in tact, you may, to keep the shirt the same basic size. 

Step 3: Slice the Shirt Bottom, Front and Back

Slice the shirt as evenly as possible into strips as shown, front and back. They don't have to be perfect.

Step 4: Tie the Sides Together

Tie the sides together at the armhole seam. If you left the sleeve in tact, you won't need to do this. 

Step 5: Knot the Sides

Once you've connected the front to the back at the sides, knot the sides, as shown we criss crossed some of the strands, you don't have to get that fancy, you can simply tie them together side by side. You can space the knots and close or as far apart as you'd like.

Step 6: Knot the Strands All the Way Around

Continue knotting the strands all the way around the front and back. 

Step 7: Add Rows

Add as many more rows of knots as you'd like, as shown! Enjoy your new stylish shirt!!
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    Like it:D

    Pretty and great cuz I can't sew!!;))