Picture of Cut the Rope Cake
"Deliver candy to Om Nom!" I hear this phrase all the time. Both of my boys love Cut the Rope so for my son's third birthday he decided he wanted a cake with Om Nom - his favorite character, of course!

There are many beautiful and amazing cakes out there that have been covered/decorated with fondant. I am sort of a fondant hater. Mainly because it tastes horrible! I have bought fondant and made (marshmallow) fondant from scratch with the same outcome. The cake tastes great but the fondant has to be picked off and thrown away.

Now, if you don't have kids you might not think this is a big deal but when they don't like the taste of fondant and you have to take it off of their cake and all the frosting goes with it.......well, there are many, many unwanted tears to deal with!

So, in an attempt to satisfy my little birthday boy I tried my best to smooth out buttercream frosting instead of using fondant. A usual event for me when making cakes. With that said, there is no better way to create characters and/or graphic decorations than to use fondant. All of the dots and characters on this cake are made using store bought fondant.

To make this cake you will need the following:

two - 9 inch square cakes of your choice
buttercream frosting - white, green and blue
piping bags
two #3 decorating tips
toothpicks, misc. tools
cake board/cardboard for putting the cake on
waxed paper
food coloring
spreading knife
fondant and some creativity!
So cute! Love this game!
If it was a video it would be better so we can make it (:
This is so cute I am going to dress up omnom so he looks like a panda for my b day and plus u should this to buddy from cake boss it looks like he. Made it that's how good it is and cake boss is on tlc
komecake2 years ago
This is super awesome!
wold630 (author)  komecake2 years ago
Thank you!
owlyfreak2 years ago
Uhhhgggggg, I hate fondant... But I know somebody who loves it so mutch she could eat a ball of it.... She really likes sugar :/...
Very nice! How long did it take to make such a lovely cake?
wold630 (author)  one-lightbulb3 years ago
Thank you. That's a great question. I didn't really keep track of time but I would estimate it took me about 5-6 hours.
quite long... Love your cake!
wold630 (author)  marianinaberioso2 years ago
Thank you. It was worth every minute for all of those smiles from my son!
The cake is Awesome!!!!!
How about much fondant do you think you used.

I hate spending hours kneading and coloring it, I was thinking of buying one box of the wilton pre-colored multipack and an box of the white.

Do you think that will be enogh my main cocern is having enough green( 4oz).

I know the other colors should be enough
wold630 (author)  CRAFTYCHRISI312 years ago
Thank you.

I had a standard box of Wilton white fondant and used less than half of it since the cake itself isn't covered in fondant. I haven't see the pre-colored boxes but my guess would be that it would be enough. You could always use another color to form Om Nom and just cover him with the green - that way you wouldn't run out of green and you could use up a color that you may not need.

The nice thing about coloring white fondant is that you get the exact colors you want. Please post a picture when you are done with your cake! I would love to see it!
Thank you for the advice I will definately post photos when I'm done.

I've decide to do an open mouth Omnom.

Cant wait.
rrkrose3 years ago
I didn't have a ton of time to make this so it didn't turn out nearly as well as yours but I was still happy with it. :)
cut the rope.jpg
wold630 (author)  rrkrose3 years ago
Nice work! It looks great!
nycnyusa3 years ago
I love this!! I made it for my sister for her birthday and she did too. My fondant was homemade so it didn't look as smooth (it was also marshmallow) but we still love it! Thanks for the great cake!!
Photo on 6-17-12 at 8.07 PM.jpg
wold630 (author)  nycnyusa3 years ago
Thank you for sending the picture, your cake looks great!! I'm so glad you made one! :)
rrkrose wold6303 years ago
I made one and it looked very similar to this!
wold630 (author)  rrkrose3 years ago
We would love to see a picture!
...it is an amazing cake!!! ...if you really do not like fondant, maybe you could try marzipan?! :) ...it tastes way better (if you like almonds) and you can color it the same way as fondant and if you add sugar powder slowly, you can get exactly the consistency you need to sculpt those absolutely adorable figures!! :)
wold630 (author)  sholstenberg3 years ago
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.
...oh, I just read that someone already suggested marzipan to you, so sorry for that! :) ...I have never heard of modeling chocolate before, but I looked it up just now and it seems a great alternative - with white chocolate, you can even color it... because I really love it that your cake is so colorful!!! ...wish I could vote in the baking contest... as I think I can't, I will keep my fingers crossed for you and will watch out for more of your work! ...thanks for sharing it!!
gotsparkles3 years ago
GREAT cake!! For the buttercream frosting, shouldn't there be powdered sugar in the ingredients? Or is this a different type of frosting? Am I just a ding-dong and missing something?? :)
wold630 (author)  gotsparkles3 years ago
Wow, good catch! I just edited the recipe. I do not think it would work without the powdered sugar, yes, it needs it! Thanks!
I really love your work on this - just too stinkin' cute!! (Although I admit I have no idea what Cut the Rope is....) :)
wold630 (author)  gotsparkles3 years ago
Thanks again. Cut the Rope is an iPhone/iPad game with a little character named Om Nom (who is the centerpiece of the cake). You have to strategically cut ropes to get a piece of candy in his mouth. Sounds silly but it's very addictive.
MaidenSteel3 years ago
Have you tried using marzipan instead of fondant? It has similar qualities in that it can be coloured and moulded easily, and it tastes considerably better!
wold630 (author)  MaidenSteel3 years ago
Unfortunately I feel the same way about marzipan that I do about fondant. Someone did suggest modeling/molding chocolate. I might have to try that next.
askris3 years ago
Cute! And it looks so professional Love your attention to detail. Wanted to suggest you something, for the figures, haven't you tried molding chocolate? I hate fondant too and molding chocolate tastes good! Cons is that kids will fight to eat them. =)
wold630 (author)  askris3 years ago
I haven't tried it but I will have to next time. I have heard it is good and I really hate fondant so that is a great suggestion. Thank you!
bitsy1133 years ago
That is adorable!!;) I took cake decorating classes and I'm going to have to do this for my daughters birthday, she'd love it! Thanks so much for the great instructable!
wold630 (author)  bitsy1133 years ago
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Send a picture if you make the cake. I'm sure it will be adorable especially since you have taken classes! You probably know more tricks than I do!
evilution3 years ago
OMFG! Too cute. I can just hear the noise he makes when he doesn't get the sweet.
wold630 (author)  evilution3 years ago
It's the cutest sound isn't it??!!
HollyHarken3 years ago
There are some really fantastic fondant recipies out there that taste great. My personal favorite is from The Cake Bible by Rose Levi Beranbaum. I make it using Mexican vanilla and it is truly fantastic!!! I can't tell you how many pounds I put on eating the left over fondant! My sister uses a fondant recipe from allrecipies.com that she really likes. So don't give up and use the crap that Wilton sells. Most Michael's craft stores now carry fondant made by Duff Goldman. I haven't tried it, but I'm sure that it is so much better than the crap that Wilton puts out.

Here is the fondant recipe from The Cake Bible.
1 tablespoon clear gelatin like Knox gelatin. One of the paper packets equals 1 tablespoon.
3 tablespoons water
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1 tablespoon glycerine You can buy this at a cake decorating shop or at a big Jo-Anns ETC store.
2 tablespoons solid white shortening (NOT BUTTER FLAVORED!!!)
2 pounds of sifted powdered sugar
1 teaspoon of real vanilla extract Mexican vanilla is the best that I found.

Place the sifted powdered sugar in the bowl of the stand mixer. Make a well in the sugar to pour the wet ingredients into it.

Sprinkle the gelatin over the water in a 2 cup heatproof glas measuring cup and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Set in a small pa of simmering water and stir until the gelatin is dissolved, or microwave a few seconds on hig power. Blend in the light corn syrup and glycerine, then add the shortening and stir until melted. Remove from the heat. Add in the vanilla and stir.
Pour the wet ingredients into the well you made in the powdered sugar and mix with the dough hook until the fondant is well kneaded. If it seems too dry add several drops of water and knead well. If it seams too sticky, knead in more powdered sugar. The fondant will resemble a smooth, well shaped stone. When dropped, it should spread very slightly, but retain its shape. It should be malleable like clay, soft, but not sticky.
Store in an airtight bag at room temperature for up to a month. It can be frozen indefinitely. Simply thaw, knead and use as needed.

I hope that this recipe will help you make a flavorful fondant to cover or decorate your cakes with. Best of luck!
This works best if you have a stand mixer with a dough hook.
Place pow
wold630 (author)  HollyHarken3 years ago
Thank you for the recipe. I will have to think about it since I can't bring myself to use shortening. I know the store bought stuff is probably worse but I still can't actually pick up the container of shortening!!! My hands just won't do it! Bummer! Thanks again.
HollyMann3 years ago
this is adorable! The game is awesome too! Really excellent job using that icing vs. fondant - looks amazing!
wold630 (author)  HollyMann3 years ago
Thanks! We are addicted to Cut the Rope too!
This is super cute! You did a great job sculpting all those little details, too!
wold630 (author)  mrscoloradogal3 years ago
Thank you - details make all the difference!!
canida3 years ago
Fantastic! I love the picture in Step 4. :D

The neat thing about putting fondant critters on top is that none of the kids will be fighting over who gets to eat it, and it will survive the party.
wold630 (author)  canida3 years ago
Thank you! He played with Om Nom until yesterday when he was finally disassembled and destroyed!
TheMacyC3 years ago
So awesome !
Love it ! You got my vote + 5 star rating !
wold630 (author)  TheMacyC3 years ago
Much appreciated! Thank you.
ZoDo3 years ago
Very very nice.
wold630 (author)  ZoDo3 years ago
ashbegash3 years ago
This is awesome! Good Job!
wold630 (author)  ashbegash3 years ago
Thank you!
lmnopeas3 years ago
Really cool! Can't wait to show my show my son when he get's home from school.
wold630 (author)  lmnopeas3 years ago
Try it for his next birthday. It was a total hit with my son and all of the birthday guests!
So cute excellent job :-)
wold630 (author)  Marcaine Art3 years ago
Thank you!
poofrabbit3 years ago
I wish someone would cut the rope and drop this in my mouth! What a fantastic job, it's so stinkin' cute!! 5 stars! Please tell me you entered this in the cake challenge!
wold630 (author)  poofrabbit3 years ago
Thank you, I'm so glad people are loving this cake and yes, it has been entered in the cake contest!
I don't think I've seen a cuter cake! So bright and cheerful!
wold630 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
I was going for bright and cheerful! Thank you for the comment!
mygibzone3 years ago
Very stylish & cute! Job well done!
wold630 (author)  mygibzone3 years ago
Thank you so much. It was tons of fun to make.
rrkrose3 years ago
This is amazing! My sisters school has a carnival every year and we always make 12 cakes for the cake walk and I think we will have to make this one this year!
wold630 (author)  rrkrose3 years ago
This would be a great cake for an event with a cake walk. All the kids will love it. Probably even if they don't know about Cut the Rope or Om Nom!
wow super cute i'm totally having this on my birthday yay yay cut the rope is so addictive yayayayayayya