Picture of Tie the sides of your t-shirt - Simple DIY Tutorial

Have a baggy t-shirt? Want to make it fit?

Learn what I call the diamond technique by cutting up the sides of your t-shirt and make it fit snug as a bug.

Simple tutorial. Like always, no sewing required.

Watch the video tutorial with all the steps:

Step 1: Determine how big your shirt is

Picture of Determine how big your shirt is
1. Put on your oversized t-shirt

2. Determine how many inches you want to tighten on each side. Take that number and at 1.5in. That's how deep you'll be cutting in step 4.

kconner4 years ago
Hello, I just made a shirt using your instructions, and I seem to be having a problem with the sleeves. They aren't as snug as yours seem. It's kind of frustrating really, I think if I wear it I'll have to pin the back and the sleeves to my undershirt to keep them up. Maybe you should add instructions in here how to Make the sleeves like yours.
isuppose4 years ago
really like the v neck cut <3 thanks for another great instructable!