Picture of Cut your Wii remote skin so it fits with your Nyko charger
This is in case you want your Wii remote to have a skin and you want it to charge in the Nyko charger.
Might also work with other chargers.

Step 1: Get Materials

Picture of Get Materials
You will need:
Wii remote (Wiimote)
Wiimote skin
NYKO Wiimote charger
Exacto knife

Note: This might also work with other brands of chargers.
Also: If you mess up, I am not responsible, and if you mess up you can just buy a new skin.
And: Buy your skins on Ebay if you want them really cheap.
hey I had this idea just not so it would fit in a battery charger so you could replace batteries easier since the skins get in the way. what you do is you take what you cut of then cut a bit more off ,then glue it on to the battery cover.
Glue for silicon?
Sure why not? Glue works on pretty much anything. Or to get technical you can use a silicone based glue.
Arbitror6 years ago
By the way, I did put the nunchuck cover on! (It actually was a little hard)
Arbitror6 years ago
Funny, just this night I was thinking to myself "It's too bat I can't use those skins, cuz' then I cant charge them." So I went on to my favourite site and found this! Nice Ible!
Cool, nice skins you have for your controllers.
darth2o (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Yeah, they really keep the Wiimotes from getting all sweaty.
Bartboy darth2o7 years ago
And from breaking (someone playing on my wii dropped the remote!)
That is really odd because my wiimotes are virtually indestructible.
of mine is weak for some reason.