Cut Your Own Faux Razor Cut





Introduction: Cut Your Own Faux Razor Cut

Cut your own hair without making a mess or getting little hair bits on your neck and body, by braiding, tying off hair before cutting it.
This is how I typically cut my hair, and I think it works well with most hair lengths.
Cutting braids creates texture and movement similar to a razor cut, wherein a stylist creates variation in length with a straight razor.
If hair needs to be trimmed every six months, and if you want a salon-style textured interesting hair cut, adapting to cutting your hair this way can allow you to be split end free with texturized hair if you don't have the disposable income to get in with a competent stylist that often.

Step 1: Tools and Information

You will need:
1. Scissors. Sharp scissors are better. I used old safety scissors and it worked fine.
2. Rubber bands or hair ties. Either are good, since it doesn't matter that rubber bands rip out hair, in this instance, however hair ties can be moved more easily if you place one wrongly at first.
3. Time and patience.

I recorded the cutting process here.

Step 2: Braid the Hair to Be Cut

Braid and tie off small locks of the hair you want to cut. You can see that I have some hair close to my head.

Like a usual hair cut, you should comb and part your hair the way you like it.
Hair can be wet or dry.
Part your hair as usual and comb it. Then, working from the top of the part down, braid small sections and tie them off.

Notice that these braids do not have any french braiding.
Feel out a small patch of scalp, pull together that hair, and braid only that hair. Don't let any strands from other parts of your head get into that braid.

Here are some tips for strategically braiding for this cut.
In the video and pictures I didn't use a mirror while braiding, I just pulled the hair ties so that they were at similar lengths of hair. These braids have a fairly random thickness and weren't "engineered" to generate any kind of undercut or hair style besides what always comes out when I braid then cut my hair.

PRO TIP: The braiding causes a textured look similar to that of professionally razor cut hair. If you employ smaller braids, the result will have more subtle "choppiness." Larger braids will have slightly greater length differences after cutting. The advantage is a dramatic texture, and less work making tons of tiny braids.
Areas where you desire more texture, use bigger braids. If you want the lengths to be less choppy in another area, use smaller braids there.

Tie off areas strategically, the end tie is a marker for where to cut your hair.
If you are using rubber bands, rubber band the braid just below where you are going to cut it. Hair ties are easier to down the braid to adjust.
Obviously hair looks shorter when braided, so don't think about how long you want it, instead think about how much you want to cut off and you will place your hair ties in the right place.
Without a mirror, you can feel where the ties are and know whether they are tied off at the right length on the front and back of your head.

PRO TIP: You can tie off hair at different levels to create a certain effect, such as a cascade of lengths or just shorter hair in the back. If you want to do an undercut, it is best to do two sessions, so you won't get the longer cut braids and the shorter undercut ones confused.

Step 3: Cut Just Above the Hair Tie

Step 2. Cut just above the hair tie

Lift a braid away from the rest of your hair, and grab the hair tie. Cut just above it and set it aside. If your braids are small enough or your scissors sharp enough, you should be able to do it in one snip. If not, you run the risk of setting tiny bits of hair free, but not as much as if you cut your hair without tying it.

You can use your hands to feel where the scissors are and do this without a mirror. With a mirror, you can see what you are doing but it is easy to get confused and misinterpret what each hand should do.

The hair will look crazier than the hair cut actually is when you initially unbraid it, because the braiding has imparted non-permanent volume to your hair. Comb it down to see how it will look in the coming weeks.

Step 4: Decide What You Will Do With Your Hair

Now you have a bunch of tied up hair.
If you are just trimming you won't have enough to make extensions or similar hair-care related products.
It is certainly clean enough to try and make a paintbrush, if you know how. Usually I toss them in a green space (my lawn) because I have been told that birds will make their nests from human hair.

I also mix it in with potting soil to help aerate the soil and keep large potted plants from being too heavy to carry.

You can also glue hair together to make a textured stencil for spray painting.



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    ^_^ great video, really brings the steps together, i was gonna give this a shot, never thought of braiding my hair since i'm a dude and I cant like pink and braidy things :C but i'll do it anyways!

    1 reply

    where's the video?

    A simple, clear "cut"  and enjoyable ''ible. Thank you for sharing. I will be cutting my 9-y-o daughter's shoulder blade-long hair this evening with this technique. I may as well teach her to braid and help me with the task :o)

    um . . . is this 'safe' for a 13 year old to do themselves?

    im not referring to scissors, im just wondoring if there any particular art to where you place the braids etc?

    would love to have a go, but worried i will screw up, as my mum WILL make me go to school like it, and then i will look like jasmine the ogre who also cuts her own hair, only she does it really, really badly.


    nice 'ible tho. gj!

    Thank you so much. I love how my hair turned out using your technique. Mine is quite a bit longer, above shoulder length, and wavy. I already had a very old layered cut and just wanted to shape it up and get rid of the crunchies. I like it as well as any stylist's cut I've had recently and it was fun. With the thicker braids it really does look like a razor cut and I saved some bucks. Thanks :) !!

    2 replies

    Sweet! It's so awesome when people try this. This comment is my best birthday present so far, and I'm getting a pasta machine!

    pasta machine . . . that sounds interesting and i know im just a lil bit late, but happy birthday!!! lol x

    Great tutorial! I actually cut my hair using your method and it came out great. Thankfully no one was home to see the Pippi Longstocking look when I had braids sticking all over the place. Since my hair is a little bit shorter than yours, I had to trim around my ears and do a little touch up in the back. But it's nicely layered all around, without the salon stuff. Thanks for a great idea- I may be doing my hair this way from now on!

    1 reply

    Thanks for this Instructible! I like my hair short and choppy like yours, but I hate spending that much money so often.

    1 reply

    Neat, you're welcome! If you want to after you try it you can post pictures here, and if you wouldn't mind I could make an "other results" section.

    Well, it's a well made instructable with clear instructions and the video really completes it. I must be getting old though 'cause I can't understand why anyone would want their hair to look like that, but hey whatever you like is ok I guess! :)

    1 reply

    Thanks! I was really worried about being clear, since I couldn't get more photos of the process since my hair is already really short. As for the hair, it can be combed down to look more professional and less Meg Ryan

    How does mixing hair into soil make the potted plant not as heavy?

    1 reply

    I don't know for sure but I think that hair is less heavy than soil. Also, a pile of hair typically has lots of air in it, and I operate on the assumption that the springy-ness of hair maintains that aeration when buried, increasing soil porosity and therefore soil water (holding) potential.

    That is an... um... interesting look. The art in step 4 looks real cool. That would be a real cool instructable, make it real big!