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Ever wonder if those AA batteries are any good.  You could get out the voltmeter and check them.  That can be a hassle.  Sometimes it would be nice just to check them quickly.  In this instructable you will create a cute little AA voltmeter. By the way if soldering is not your thing, you can get the finished product from 

Step 1:

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Get the parts.  Here are some links and prices you can also order this as a finished product from
These parts are available from ebay for $7.44

$3.60 Blue voltage readout

$2.85   3XAA battery case with switch

$0.99 usb cable

Step 2:

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Drill/Dremel  a hole for the usb cable.

Step 3:

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Connect the usb cable to your laptop or usb power supply.  Using a voltmeter determine which cables are 5V and GND on the usb cable.

Step 4:

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Connect the usb cable 5V to Red cable on tiny meter
Connect the usb cable GND to Black cable on tiny meter
Connect Blue cable on tiny meter to AA +
Connect AA - switch output to usb cable GND

Step 5:

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Test out circuit.  Then solder and glue liberally. 
If soldering is not your thing, you can also get this product from for $12.00 (free shipping in US).


useraaaaa (author)2012-09-26

1.2voltmeter which requiries 5v

paulware (author)useraaaaa2013-02-07

I created a version on Tindie that uses a built-in power supply:

pudtiny (author)2012-09-26

Now its more useful you should add its other uses

paulware (author)pudtiny2013-01-23

Thanks for the comments!
I created a new version that has its own power supply, available here:

pudtiny (author)2012-09-26

Great little device, but I am not sure having to find power for this would be any quicker than picking up a meter to do the test

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