Cute Bead Pendant in a Jiffy





Introduction: Cute Bead Pendant in a Jiffy

Hi y'all!

I’ll be showing you how to make a cute beaded pendant. It’s pretty easy to make this adorable little pendant in just a few minutes. So here we go. Hope you like it…

Things you'll need: 

• Five round beads (any color you like)
• Plastic thread (I took a 15cm  long thread for this pendant)
• One metal hoop/ring (an old hoop earring would work just fine as well!)
• One smaller plastic or metal hoop/ring
• A pair of scissors
• A chain to wear the pendant on

Step 1:

Put three beads through the plastic thread. Bring these towards the middle of the thread length.

Step 2:

Put a fourth bead through one end of the thread and cross that bead, passing the other end of the thread through it as well.

Pull both ends of the thread outwards to bring all four beads together in a closed, flower-like formation. (You can leave it like this and skip step three if you like this flower formation itself or do step three to make a cross like I did).

Step 3:

Again, put a fifth bead through one end of the thread and cross that bead with the thread as done in the previous step.

Tie a couple of tight knots at the end of the last bead and cut away the excess thread.

Step 4:

Now take the larger hoop/ring and pass it through the uppermost bead.

Step 5:

Now pass the smaller hoop through the larger one as shown, and press the larger hoop/ring closed.

Step 6:

Finally, wear the pendant on a chain you like!

Give it a try! It’s pretty quick and easy to make. I hope you enjoy this DIY as much as I enjoyed sharing this with you all.

Have a lovely day! ^_^



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